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Bed sores may be a sign of nursing home neglect

It can be very difficult to place a loved one in a nursing home or other care facility. Many Bernalillo families agonize over whether they can provide the support their loved ones need before eventually choosing to select a facility that provides necessary medical and personal care. While many licensed nursing homes offer their residents and patients quality support and personal respect, others fail to meet their duty of care and cause those under their supervision to suffer preventable harm.

There are a variety of injuries that a person may suffer in an abusive or neglectful nursing home, but this post will focus on one common ailment that may be the sign of a problem: bed sores. Technically termed pressure sores, bed sores develop when a person sits or lies in the same position for too long and the section of body under pressure loses its supply of blood. The resulting injury can be an area of pain that, if left unaddressed, may develop into an infection in the surrounding muscles and skin.

Six vehicles involved in dangerous Albuquerque car accident

Personal vehicles such as cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles are efficient means of transportation for many New Mexico residents. Many people take to the roads each and every day to commute to work, take their kids to school, and visit businesses and stores where they buy the things they need to live. While most drivers take care to follow the rules of the road and to protect themselves and others from dangerous car accidents, others disregard both common sense and the law when they decide to operate motor vehicles.

Not long ago, a very serious accident happened in Albuquerque that sent one person to the hospital in critical condition. A vehicle that was speeding along Eubank crashed into the back of another vehicle that had come to a stop at a traffic light. The impact of the collision caused the second vehicle to hit two other cars, and the vehicle that originally caused the first crash subsequently also hit two additional vehicles. In all. six vehicles were involved in the crash, and a victim in the automobile that was rear-ended was taken to the hospital with injuries.

Should your child be compensated for a preventable birth injury?

Every day, New Mexico parents welcome new children into the world. While having a baby can be a scary process full of questions and unknowns, many women and their partners are able to safely bring their babies into the world without experiencing excessive stress or harm. In rare cases, medical problems may cause birth challenges that medical professionals must manage to protect the health of both the mothers and children participating in the births.

In other situations, though, medical professionals may create dangerous birthing experiences that can put women and their unborn children at risk. The failure to properly monitor a laboring mother may result in doctors missing a birth-related complication that could threaten an unborn child's life. A doctor's carelessness may result in injuries to a baby or mother during a standard vaginal birth, or during a Caesarian section delivery.

How brain injuries can affect accident victims

One of the more common injuries to victims of a motor vehicle accident is a brain injury. In fact, each year, there are about 1.7 million traumatic brain injuries in the United States, including victims in and near the Bernalillo, New Mexico, area. The brain is one of the most important organs in the human body, and any injury to it could lead to serious disabilities.

Although the brain is protected by a very sturdy and strong skull, when a car accident occurs, its location on top of the head can make it especially vulnerable to an impact. The skull itself, although designed to protect the brain, could be partially to blame, as most injuries involve the brain making violent contact with the skull, which could lead to brain swelling or blood clots within the brain. Such injuries are not always easy to recognize, as they happen inside the head.

What is the difference between a birth injury and birth defect?

The last possible thing New Mexican parents would want to think about is a birth injury. Unfortunately, birth injuries do occur. Although, most doctors and medical facilities take the necessary precautions to assure a healthy birth, doctors are human, and as we all know, humans make mistakes.

We know this does nothing to help with anxiety, but it is important to recognize the potential of a birth injury and how to identify them. Obviously, newborns are not able to communicate with their parents, but there are still signs that parents can look for to ensure that their baby is healthy.

Why children are killed in car accidents

New Mexicans want what is best for their children. But, even though we may think we are doing everything necessary to assure a child's safety, there are times when we are misinformed. And, according to a recent report by the Journal of Pediatrics, such oversights lead to thousands of childhood deaths in auto accidents every year.

Of the more than 18,000 children who were involved in fatal crashes in the United States between 2010 and 2014, 20 percent of the children were not restrained or improperly restrained. This includes children who died, as well as those who survived. Approximately 16 percent of children involved in these accidents were killed and of the fatalities, 43 percent were not restrained or were improperly restrained.

Motorcycle accidents often leave victims with serious injuries

With spring nearly over and summer quickly approaching, we will find more and more motorcyclists on the roads. Motorcycles can be dangerous for a few reasons. They are less common on the roads, so not all drivers are expecting or necessarily looking out for them. They are also smaller and may be harder to see on the roads. They are also more vulnerable to road hazards, such as gravel or potholes. And, when a motorcycle is involved in an accident, things often do not go well for the motorcyclist.

Deadly crash kills family of four in New Mexico

Tragedy recently struck a family when a Freightliner utility truck blew a tire and veered into oncoming traffic, and crashed into an SUV. A family of four in the SUV, mother, father and two children aged four and two, were all killed, as well as the driver of the truck. While upon first glance, this might appear to just be an innocent accident, delving further into the matter may show that drunk driving may have played a role in the crash.

According to a tire expert, whose quote is in the report, a sober person would have been able to maintain control of the truck in the event of a tire blowout. Three survivors of the truck admit to drinking in the truck before the accident, and had drinks at a Hooters restaurant before the accident as well.

New Mexico nursing home charged with multiple offenses

While families always have the best of intention when making the decision to move a family member into a nursing home, unfortunately, there are still situations of nursing home abuse throughout the United States, including New Mexico. Families of loved ones who enter into nursing homes expect a reasonable standard of care.

While this is met more often than not, there still are many instances in New Mexico and throughout the United States of nursing home neglect and abuse, evident by a current battle in court.

What is a "teratogen" and how does it relate to birth injuries?

New Mexico residents are likely aware that there are certain things expecting mothers should not do while pregnant. Smoking cigarettes, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and using illegal drugs all contribute to problems with a pregnancy and birth. Nonetheless, there may be circumstances where an expecting mother may not be able to prevent a birth injury.

In the medical and scientific communities, "teratogen" is the word for any substance that interferes with the normal development of an embryo. It is anything that might cause a birth defect or create a situation, such as premature delivery, that could lead to a higher risk of a birth injury. Teratogens can come in many forms, from biological abnormalities in uterine shape to infections, to drugs or other chemical substances.

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