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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

Motorcycle accidents often leave victims with serious injuries

With spring nearly over and summer quickly approaching, we will find more and more motorcyclists on the roads. Motorcycles can be dangerous for a few reasons. They are less common on the roads, so not all drivers are expecting or necessarily looking out for them. They are also smaller and may be harder to see on the roads. They are also more vulnerable to road hazards, such as gravel or potholes. And, when a motorcycle is involved in an accident, things often do not go well for the motorcyclist.

New Mexico drunk driver causes death in motorcycle crash

Motorcycles are popular in New Mexico, and why not? The sunny weather and good road conditions make driving along the state's highways and byways a pleasant experience for many bikers. Likewise, the freedom of traveling long stretches of relatively flat, straight roads is invigorating for many New Mexico residents. As we have mentioned before, however, if something unexpected does happen, and a rider is involved in a motorcycle crash, the results can be catastrophic.

Negligence and New Mexico motorcycle crashes

People in the American West are known for their sense of rugged individualism and penchant for bucking restrictions. New Mexico's own proud history of freedom-seeking and pioneering plays into this cultural conceit quite well. One expression of this sentiment for many modern residents is the use of motorcycles for transportation or pleasure-riding. The speed, acceleration and lack of enclosure a motorcycle offers are just the things that many enthusiasts are looking for in a way to express their independence.

NM woman charged with vehicular homicide in motorcyclist's death

A motorcyclist's fatality earlier this year has been the center of a police investigation by New Mexican authorities. The largest power outage in New Mexico's history occurred the night of the fatal accident, and although leaving low light conditions on New Mexico's roads, this is no excuse for distracted driving behaviors. The woman facing charges in the motorcyclist's death told authorities she was texting and driving at the time of the accident, which has prompted an investigation into her phone records. Although the woman was a distracted driver at the time of the collision, it was proven she wasn't texting and driving at the moment of impact.

Motorcyclist unjustly injured by distracted driver can recover

Motorcyclists can get a bad reputation. Some people wrongly believe that New Mexico motorcyclists are reckless and unsafe, due to the unfair stigma surrounding motorcyclists and motorcycle accidents. The reality is that most motorcyclists operate their bike in a safe and responsible manner and drive with every caution and courtesy available to them. Motorcyclists are often involved in accidents with motor-vehicles due to motor-vehicle driver error.

Motor-vehicle error causes injury to NM motorcyclist, passenger

The day likely began like any other for an Albuquerque motorcyclist and his juvenile passenger. A leisurely ride went awry, however, and the otherwise ordinary day turned tragic. According to reports, it looks like the motorcycle accident may have been due to an error made by a motor-vehicle driver, and, as a result, the motorcyclist and passenger were catastrophically injured.

Can you sue over an accident if you are partially at fault?

The wind in your face, the freedom of the open road and the feeling you get when riding your motorcycle are just some of the reasons people choose motorcycles over other forms of transportation. Since New Mexico often has favorable weather for riding conditions, some motorcyclists operate their bikes year round. Many motorcyclists are aware of the fact that riding a motorcycle puts their lives and well-being at risk, especially in comparison to other modes of transportation. However, this threat isn't nearly as real as when a motorcycle accident happens to yourself or a loved one.

NM motorcycle accident injury victims can recover financially

Sometimes, just the right events transpire to result in a motorcycle accident. While the odds are good that most motorcycle enthusiasts will avoid injury on their bike, some NM motorcyclists aren't so lucky. When a motorcycle accident results in bodily injury, there can be many expenses related to such an unexpected injury.

Comparative negligence and NM motorcycle accident injuries

There are just a few car or motorcycle accident scenarios that include complete fault of one driver and little to no fault of another. What this means is that percentage of fault is attributed to more than one driver in many accident scenarios. Usually, one driver is determined to be more at fault than the other driver, to a certain degree. This is especially important for motorcyclists who have sustained bodily injury in a motorcycle accident and worry that they are responsible.

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