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September 2015 Archives

Determining whether you have a medical malpractice claim

Medical treatments are not always simple affairs. Although most New Mexico residents probably want quick, pain-free medical care, a patient's relationship with a hospital may not end following the end of the treatment. Sometimes, a patient may discover that the treatment only caused further suffering. When this suffering is the result of a doctor or nurse's negligence, victims may have rights that need to be protected.

New Mexico resident suffers fatal injuries in motorcycle crash

It is sometimes difficult to describe the pleasure of riding motorcycles. There are a variety of factors that are part of why riding motorcycle is so appealing to so many. However, these benefits do not come without certain sacrifices. The same reasons that make motorcycle riding so appealing are oftentimes the same reasons it can be dangerous. Unfortunately, motorcycle riding can sometimes end in tragic accidents.

Liability in accidents involving bicycles

Those New Mexico residents who choose to ride bicycles are likely aware of the many perks that come with pedaling. Bicycling can reduce the need to purchase gasoline, along with being a great form of exercise. And, bicyclists are not limited to roadways and have a greater freedom of motion. However, these perks can come at a cost.

What are the helmet laws for motorcyclists in New Mexico?

Motorcyclists are highly vulnerable to injuries. One of the more common types of injuries for riders is the head injury. A head injury can have many life altering effects. A person who has suffered such an injury may become permanently disabled, requiring lifelong medical care. This is why it is important for motorcycle riders to wear helmets.

Attorney General sues New Mexico nursing home

Residents of Bernalillo, New Mexico, who have been sick and had to undergo a prolonged treatment, may have been taken to nursing homes for their rehabilitation and recuperation. Nursing homes are thought to be a haven for people who need to recuperate. However, in some cases, it is determined that the nursing home staff is negligent and abusive to the patients. Many families have complained that their loved ones have suffered severe injuries or worse due to the negligence and abuse of a nursing home staff.

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