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October 2018 Archives

New Mexico's distracted driving problem continues

Like most other states, New Mexico has laws that are designed to prevent distracted driving, specifically distracted driving caused by cellphones. Specifically, New Mexico prohibits so-called texting and driving. For purposes of the law, texting also includes checking one's email and just about any Internet use on one's smartphone while driving. It does not, however, prohibit making a traditional phone call.

The benefits, and limits, of helmets in motorcycle accidents

A previous post on this blog talked about the benefits of motorcycle helmets. The important takeaway from that post was that while helmets do indeed save lives, they are not a foolproof guarantee that a motorcyclist will not get seriously hurt or even die in an accident. Thus, people in New Mexico should resist the temptation to blame a motorcyclist for his or her injuries if he or she was not wearing a helmet.

Semi-truck driver cited in fatal car accident

A semi-truck driver who was involved in a recent fatal accident in New Mexico has been cited for careless driving in connection with the incident. According to reports, the truck driver involved in the accident was pulled to the side of the road on a major national highway and was facing north. In order to continue traveling north, it would have to cross the lane of oncoming traffic.

Our legal team represents injured bicyclists

While a lot of people in the greater Albuquerque area enjoy riding bicycles both in the city and the surrounding beautiful New Mexico countryside, doing so carries risks. As a previous post on this blog discussed, bicyclists face dangers from loose dogs, poorly repaired sidewalks and, especially, cars and other motor vehicles. While of course bicyclists should follow the rules of the road and pay attention, many of these accidents happen despite the fact the bicyclist was being as careful as possible.

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