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September 2019 Archives

How common are birth injuries in the U.S.?

The impending birth of a little one is a joyous event that is well anticipated for. And while mothers-to-be are made aware of the complications that could occur during pregnancy, labor and delivery, many do not believe any harm would ever be caused to them or their little one. Unfortunately, birth injuries occur in New Mexico and elsewhere, and it is not just the newborns that suffer these harms, as mothers could suffer harm based on medical negligence as well.

Helping you take action following a birth injury

When parents in New Mexico prepare to bring a little one into this world, they are likely thinking very happy thoughts. It is a joyous time, and parents are focused on their excitement and what life will be like when their new baby arrives. Most parents do not think about anything going wrong or encountering complications. Nonetheless, this is a possible occurrence.

Understanding the dangers of drowsy driving

It is not rare to feel tired at any point of the day. Maybe you didn't get much sleep, and you are waking up very fatigued. Others might have a packed day, enhancing his or her exhaustion. For others, tiredness sets in when they are up late finishing up their busy schedule. No matter the reason for feeling tired, the reality is that when a person is tired, they should not be operating a motor vehicle.

What types of nursing homes have an increased risk of neglect?

Placing a loved one in a nursing home is not an easy step to take, but it is a decision that more and more residents in New Mexico and elsewhere are faced with. As the average life expectancy continues to increase, the reality is that many elderly people are unable to care for themselves in their old age. While some family members are able to take this task on, many are moved into a nursing home facility to obtain the care that they require on a daily basis.

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