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December 2019 Archives

Technological safety can lead to being a distracted driver

In New Mexico and across the United States, it seems that everyone -- young, old and in between -- has a cellphone. Not only do they own one, but also use it incessantly, even behind the wheel. While being a distracted driver is generally linked to the prevalence of cellphone use, it is not the only way for people to be distracted behind the wheel. Because distracted driving is known to be so dangerous and can cause a car collision with injuries and fatalities, it is important to understand other distractions as well.

Man, 43, killed in fatal motorcycle crash in New Mexico

Motorcycles are a common sight on the road here and throughout the United States. While most riders and drivers of passenger vehicles will share the road, doing everything possible to maintain safety, accidents can happen without warning. Motorcyclists are at high risk of suffering catastrophic injuries and fatalities in these collisions because of the vulnerability they face. They have no protection other than what they are wearing and that is rarely enough to protect them from severe injuries. After a crash, the motorcycle accident victim and the victim's family must think about the future and consider a lawsuit to be compensated.

New Mexico has high rate of drunk driver incidents and deaths

While certain dangers on the road, such as distracted driving, are garnering significant attention, one of the most historically risky behaviors on the road is a drunk driving accident. Despite the known risk and awareness that law enforcement and the courts will treat a drunk driver harshly, people continue to get behind the wheel after drinking. When there is an automobile accident because of a drunk driver, there can be severe injuries, medical expenses and fatalities.

Flagging system warns of nursing home abuse at facilities

It is never an easy decision for New Mexico residents to place a loved one in a nursing home. Although there can be mixed feelings about doing so, it is frequently for the best, as a person who is elderly or infirm will need a certain level of attention that families cannot provide. Nursing homes are supposed to have trained staff and medical professionals who provide a reasonable standard of care. However, it is an unfortunate truth that some of these facilities have incidents of nursing home abuse.

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