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April 2020 Archives

Drop in traffic may make biking safer

If you're used to riding your bike on the street, you know how dangerous it feels. Traffic packs in around you. Drivers cut you off, they refuse to give you enough space and some of them actively drive aggressively around you. Maybe you use your bike as your means to commute to work, but that ride home at the end of the day feels so risky. In rush-hour traffic, you always worry about an accident.

After a hit and run, should you follow the other car?

You get involved in a hit and run. As the other driver starts to take off, you can hardly believe what you're seeing. Your first instinct is to chase them down to make sure they are held accountable. You're already considering potential costs: Damage to your car, hospital bills, doctor's bills, lost wages, etc. Should you chase them?

Elder neglect rates in different settings

The unfortunate truth is that nursing home neglect is a big issue facing the elderly today. It often happens when nursing homes are understaffed and there are simply not enough workers to take care of all of the people they're tasked with caring for. It also happens when workers are not committed to offering high-level care and may even feel some resentment toward the elderly.

Road rash can get infected

Road rash is the skin abrasion that you suffer when you get into a motorcycle accident and your exposed skin rubs across the pavement. It happens after you get ejected from your bike or when you lay the bike down on purpose to avoid a crash. It's the reason that many bikers wear leather, which is tough and slides nicely on pavement -- but even the best gear can't always prevent road rash.

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