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Bicycle Accidents Archives

If you get doored, it can happen quickly

Cyclists everywhere worry about getting doored, especially while riding in the city. This is the term for an accident caused by a person in a vehicle opening their door and striking a cyclist as they ride by. It typically happens because the person in the car simply has no situational awareness and has no idea that the cyclist is there.

Electric bicycles are more dangerous than traditional bikes

An electric bicycle is something of a hybrid. It is still a bike and does have a pedal system that the rider can use, but it also has an electric motor. Some use this to assist their efforts to pedal while others use these bikes like a moped -- not pedaling at all. Electric bikes are especially popular with commuters who do not want the expense of a car -- or the pollution it causes -- but who do not want to cycle every day.

Drop in traffic may make biking safer

If you're used to riding your bike on the street, you know how dangerous it feels. Traffic packs in around you. Drivers cut you off, they refuse to give you enough space and some of them actively drive aggressively around you. Maybe you use your bike as your means to commute to work, but that ride home at the end of the day feels so risky. In rush-hour traffic, you always worry about an accident.

Truck driver says truckers should see cyclists

For cyclists, there is a tremendous risk when riding around large trucks. Not only is there a massive difference in size between the two, but trucks are so large that they create blind spots where it's easy for a bike to fit. A trucker may miss a cyclist's presence entirely and merge or turn, striking them. It all can happen in a split-second, and a fatal accident for a cyclist may be one that the driver does not even realize happened at first.

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