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7 factors that contribute to birth injuries

Birth injuries can happen for many reasons, but they are often linked to a known set of factors -- or a combination of these factors. One thing that doctors need to do is to identify these risk factors up front and take the proper steps to keep the baby safe and healthy. It is not always possible, but that does not allow for negligence on the part of the medical staff.

Concerning rate of preterm births and birth injuries

Whether it is a woman's first child or not, expecting a baby is an exciting time. And, as a woman nears her due date, she is likely in anticipation that the baby will come sooner than later. Even though it is difficult to wait for the arrival of a baby, it is important that a baby reaches a certain gestational age to ensure he or she is healthy and can survive on his or her own. Babies who are delivered early are considered "premature," and a premature birth could be the result of medical negligence.

What is the difference between a birth injury and a birth defect?

Each day many parents in New Mexico rush to their local hospitals to experience the miracle of childbirth. Labor and delivery can be a particularly stressful, not to mention painful, experience for parents, and once they have the opportunity to see their newborns they often feel the relief of knowing that everything will be fine. However, in some unfortunate situations, newborns enter the world with health struggles that may or may not have been caused by the medical professionals charged with their care.

How common are birth injuries in the U.S.?

The impending birth of a little one is a joyous event that is well anticipated for. And while mothers-to-be are made aware of the complications that could occur during pregnancy, labor and delivery, many do not believe any harm would ever be caused to them or their little one. Unfortunately, birth injuries occur in New Mexico and elsewhere, and it is not just the newborns that suffer these harms, as mothers could suffer harm based on medical negligence as well.

Helping you take action following a birth injury

When parents in New Mexico prepare to bring a little one into this world, they are likely thinking very happy thoughts. It is a joyous time, and parents are focused on their excitement and what life will be like when their new baby arrives. Most parents do not think about anything going wrong or encountering complications. Nonetheless, this is a possible occurrence.

Helping you initiate a legal action following a birth injury

When a woman is expecting to bring new life into the world, she is not expecting any harm to be caused to her or her newborn. Unfortunately, there are risks associated with childbirth, but for the most part, unpreventable injuries and harms are not the ones one should be the most concerned with. Medical errors and mistakes could result in harm caused to the mother and baby, and these birth injuries could impact one or both of them temporarily or even for the rest of their life.

Common birthing injuries can impact quality of life

Delivering a baby should be a most joyous occasion for a New Mexico resident, but if the birthing process is not handled properly, it could become a devastating moment. It may be shocking to hear that six to eight of every 1000 infants born in the country suffer a birth injury. A birth injury means that the infant suffered a physical injury while being born.

Misdiagnosis of ectopic pregnancy can be devastating

When one thinks about birth injuries, he or she may first think about the baby getting hurt or sick as a result of a medical mistake. However, during a pregnancy or labor, medical malpractice can also leave a mother in a worsened medical condition. In the worst case scenario, a pregnant woman can even die because of a medical error or oversight.

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