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Helping you initiate a legal action following a birth injury

When a woman is expecting to bring new life into the world, she is not expecting any harm to be caused to her or her newborn. Unfortunately, there are risks associated with childbirth, but for the most part, unpreventable injuries and harms are not the ones one should be the most concerned with. Medical errors and mistakes could result in harm caused to the mother and baby, and these birth injuries could impact one or both of them temporarily or even for the rest of their life.

Common birthing injuries can impact quality of life

Delivering a baby should be a most joyous occasion for a New Mexico resident, but if the birthing process is not handled properly, it could become a devastating moment. It may be shocking to hear that six to eight of every 1000 infants born in the country suffer a birth injury. A birth injury means that the infant suffered a physical injury while being born.

Misdiagnosis of ectopic pregnancy can be devastating

When one thinks about birth injuries, he or she may first think about the baby getting hurt or sick as a result of a medical mistake. However, during a pregnancy or labor, medical malpractice can also leave a mother in a worsened medical condition. In the worst case scenario, a pregnant woman can even die because of a medical error or oversight.

Review: What is shoulder dystocia?

This New Mexico legal blog has reviewed various types of birth injuries. Sometimes, during a difficult childbirth, the baby may be deprived oxygen and thus suffer severe brain damage or, in some cases, cerebral palsy. In other cases, the child's limbs or nerves can be affected, making it hard for her to move, at least for a time. Unfortunately, these sorts of injuries can be permanent if not addressed properly.

Birth injuries are just one type of medical malpractice we handle

A previous post on this blog talked about medical complications that can lead to serious birth injuries if not properly cared for. Indeed, medical errors during pregnancy and childbirth are a very serious type of medical malpractice because they can affect two people, the mom and the baby. Moreover, it is very hard on a family to watch their newborn go through a long, sometimes lifelong, recovery process after a preventable injury.

Risk factors for birth injuries

One of the things that a resident of the Albuquerque area probably dreads is seeing the baby that they had been longing for over the months or even years be delivered with a significant birth injury. While in some cases these injuries really are unfortunate accidents, in other cases, they are in fact the result of medical malpractice.

Representing victims of Erb's palsy

A previous post on this blog talked about Erb's palsy and its causes. To review, this condition, in its most severe forms, can leave a newborn unable to move his or her arm fully for the rest of his or her life, even with corrective surgery and treatment. The biggest problem with this condition, though, is that it can be prevented with the proper care and caution from the baby's labor and delivery team.

Review of Erb's palsy and its causes

This blog has previously discussed the various types of birth injuries parents in the Albuquerque area may have to deal with after labor and delivery. Any type of birth injury is a traumatic affair for New Mexico parents who were probably hoping for and expecting a healthy child at the end of their pregnancy.

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