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The role of phone addiction in car accidents

Driving distractions are not just limited to cellphone use, not by any means, but phones are the most common type of distraction. Part of the reason is versatility. For instance, you can stream music, use a GPS or text your friends; all of those are different distractions, but they can all come from the same source: your phone.

How can you stay safer if you're driving in to the sun?

As we head in to fall and we have fewer hours of daylight, you may find yourself driving into the sunrise and/or sunset for the first time in a while. The glare can be blinding. If you're already dealing with the aftermath of a car crash, suddenly not being able to see in front of you can be especially frightening. It's also frightening to realize that other drivers around you are being blinded as well.

What is the internet of cars?

The internet itself is just a system of computers that all connect to one another. A far-fetched idea when it began, it's now something that we use every day. If you're reading this, you're using it right now. Most people don't think twice about the whole thing, these days.

Should you drink coffee in the car?

People drink coffee in the car all of the time. For many workers during that early morning commute, it is just a staple of their everyday routine. Others buy it late at night when they need to keep driving but they know they're getting tired. Even just getting a cup of gas station coffee, though it may not be delicious, helps them keep going.

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