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Man, 43, killed in fatal motorcycle crash in New Mexico

Motorcycles are a common sight on the road here and throughout the United States. While most riders and drivers of passenger vehicles will share the road, doing everything possible to maintain safety, accidents can happen without warning. Motorcyclists are at high risk of suffering catastrophic injuries and fatalities in these collisions because of the vulnerability they face. They have no protection other than what they are wearing and that is rarely enough to protect them from severe injuries. After a crash, the motorcycle accident victim and the victim's family must think about the future and consider a lawsuit to be compensated.

Legal guidance for victims of motorcycle accidents

The Jaffe Law Firm is located in Bernalillo, New Mexico. Its dedicated team of attorneys has more than 40 years of combined legal experience that is available to its clients. The firm works with individuals who have suffered personal injuries due to the actions and negligence of others, such as those who have suffered harm in motor vehicle and motorcycle accidents.

Declining rate in fatal motorcycle crashes

Because many residents and visitors in New Mexico like to enjoy a motorcycle ride, there are many initiatives that highlight the importance of driving cautiously around motorcyclist. While these campaigns often asked motorists to check twice for motorcyclists, this does not always prevent motorcycle crashes from occurring. Each year, thousands of motorcyclists suffer serious and fatal injuries following a wreck caused by a negligent motorist.

Motorcycles may require some additional space

Drivers in New Mexico may be familiar with the so-called two second rule for determining how close one can safely follow another car. The way it works, a car's front end should arrive at the same point where the preceding vehicle's rear bumper was after at least two seconds. Otherwise, the person behind may be too close to safely stop.

The benefits, and limits, of helmets in motorcycle accidents

A previous post on this blog talked about the benefits of motorcycle helmets. The important takeaway from that post was that while helmets do indeed save lives, they are not a foolproof guarantee that a motorcyclist will not get seriously hurt or even die in an accident. Thus, people in New Mexico should resist the temptation to blame a motorcyclist for his or her injuries if he or she was not wearing a helmet.

The truth about helmets and motorcycle crashes

Many motorcycle aficionados and others in Bernalillo and other parts of the greater Albuquerque area have probably heard the maxim that helmets save lives. While that is indeed true, it is important to put that advice in to context, lest one think that not wearing a helmet somehow makes a motorcycle crash automatically the fault of the motorcyclist.

Motorcycle accident statistics from the NHTSA

As part of its ongoing responsibility to keep the roads of both New Mexico and the rest of the country safe, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has for over a decade been involved in the Share the Road campaign, a public awareness campaign that various states use to draw attention to the dangers motorcyclists face at the hands of other divers.

Good news nationwide on motorcycle deaths, but . . .

The good news is that, in 2017, the number of motorcyclists nationwide who died on the roads in accidents dropped by well over 5 percent. Preliminary statistics suggest that 4,990 people died in 2017 because of motorcycle accidents, which is a drop from 5,286 in 2016.

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