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Heavier traffic Thanksgiving weekend could lead to car crashes

Thanksgiving weekend is commonly known as one of the busiest travel weekends of the year in New Mexico and across the nation. Many people find that traveling to visit relatives and friends is an important Thanksgiving tradition. However, because the Thanksgiving holiday season is relatively short when compared to the Christmas season, people must confine their travels to just a few days out of the year.

New Mexico's distracted driving problem continues

Like most other states, New Mexico has laws that are designed to prevent distracted driving, specifically distracted driving caused by cellphones. Specifically, New Mexico prohibits so-called texting and driving. For purposes of the law, texting also includes checking one's email and just about any Internet use on one's smartphone while driving. It does not, however, prohibit making a traditional phone call.

Semi-truck driver cited in fatal car accident

A semi-truck driver who was involved in a recent fatal accident in New Mexico has been cited for careless driving in connection with the incident. According to reports, the truck driver involved in the accident was pulled to the side of the road on a major national highway and was facing north. In order to continue traveling north, it would have to cross the lane of oncoming traffic.

Eight died in New Mexico bus accident

A horrific bus accident that happened in New Mexico and attracted the attention of both the national news media and federal safety investigators has left eight people dead. All the victims died of what medical experts described as blunt force trauma. One of the victims was the Greyhound driver.

To whom are distracted drivers sending texts?

Distracted driving kills. Yet, motorists in the Albuquerque area and throughout New Mexico continue to engage in this dangerous behavior. A recent report suggested that in spite of all the evidence, many motorists are still willing to take the risk of reading or sending a quick text while they drive their car.

Hit-and-run crash kills 1, seriously injures another

An accident in Santa Fe killed one man and left another one with serious injuries. The injured man was taken to a nearby hospital, but the details of his condition were not disclosed. According to reports, the two victims of the accident, both men, were in all likelihood relatives.

Daydreamers are dangerous drivers

Albuquerque, New Mexico, law enforcement officials, legislators and other concerned citizens have paid a lot of attention to the dangerous of texting and driving of late, and it is no surprise that they are. After all, taking one's eyes off the road, even for a split second, to make a call or send a text can cause serious and even fatal car accidents.

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