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It's getting more dangerous for cyclists

Car vs. bicycle accidents typically result in serious injuries for the cyclist, even at low speeds. A cyclist who is wearing a helmet has more protection than one without, but it's also the only protection he or she has. The person in the car likely will not suffer any injuries, but the cyclist could be critically injured or even killed.

Are police chases too dangerous?

Police chases are a staple of movies and a semi-common occurrence in real life, something most people have watched on the news at night -- if they haven't seen one in person. When a driver decides to run, we expect the police to flip on the lights and the siren and give chase.

New Mexico ranks high on fatal drunk driving accident statistics

During the holiday season, the celebrations can be marred by people choosing to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. Auto accidents are often caused by a drunk driver and can lead to injuries and fatalities. This is true in New Mexico and across the United States. Law enforcement encourages people to designate a driver, to take a cab or use a ride sharing app to keep them from heading out on the road and running the risk of a drunk driving accident, especially after parties celebrating the new year. Still, people will choose to drink and drive. In New Mexico, this is a consistent problem not just on holidays, but throughout the year.

Technological safety can lead to being a distracted driver

In New Mexico and across the United States, it seems that everyone -- young, old and in between -- has a cellphone. Not only do they own one, but also use it incessantly, even behind the wheel. While being a distracted driver is generally linked to the prevalence of cellphone use, it is not the only way for people to be distracted behind the wheel. Because distracted driving is known to be so dangerous and can cause a car collision with injuries and fatalities, it is important to understand other distractions as well.

New Mexico has high rate of drunk driver incidents and deaths

While certain dangers on the road, such as distracted driving, are garnering significant attention, one of the most historically risky behaviors on the road is a drunk driving accident. Despite the known risk and awareness that law enforcement and the courts will treat a drunk driver harshly, people continue to get behind the wheel after drinking. When there is an automobile accident because of a drunk driver, there can be severe injuries, medical expenses and fatalities.

Drowsy driving leads to fatal car accident in New Mexico

Various dangerous behaviors behind the wheel, like distracted driving, drunk driving, reckless driving and more, can cause an accident in New Mexico. A frequently underreported problem is drowsy driving. When there is a car collision, there is a possibility that one of the drivers fell asleep while driving.

The right approach following a car accident

When people think of a car accident, many might think about the minor fender-benders that can cause traffic to backup in New Mexico and elsewhere. And while minor accidents do make up a good portion of car accidents that occur across the nation, the unfortunate reality is that some accident victims suffer serious and even fatal injuries as a result of a major collision.

How does alcohol affect a driver's ability to drive?

Responsible adults who choose to drink alcohol may know that it is incredibly dangerous to drink and drive. Driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol can pose many risks to the health and safety of a New Mexico resident, as well as all of the other individuals that they encounter while out on the road. To avoid these hazards, individuals can get rides, call cabs, assign designated drivers and take other proactive steps to avoid drunk driving.

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