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Motorcycle accident statistics from the NHTSA

As part of its ongoing responsibility to keep the roads of both New Mexico and the rest of the country safe, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has for over a decade been involved in the Share the Road campaign, a public awareness campaign that various states use to draw attention to the dangers motorcyclists face at the hands of other divers.

Good news nationwide on motorcycle deaths, but . . .

The good news is that, in 2017, the number of motorcyclists nationwide who died on the roads in accidents dropped by well over 5 percent. Preliminary statistics suggest that 4,990 people died in 2017 because of motorcycle accidents, which is a drop from 5,286 in 2016.

Can the state be sued following a motorcycle accident?

Most people in New Mexico can point to at least one road in their area that is in poor shape. A previous post on this blog talked about how a family sued a branch of government in the State of New Mexico following a fatal accident that, at least initially, was thought to have been caused by potholes in the road.

After a motorcycle accident, we explore all roads to recovery

A previous post on this blog discussed how motorcycle accidents in New Mexico are caused not only by negligent drivers but also by defective motorcycles which fail at a critical time. In either situation, though, the end result is still that the motorcyclists get severely injured or die.

Motorcycle accidents can be caused by defects

Previous posts here have discussed how serious motorcycle accidents can be. These accidents can be caused by a distracted driver who is not paying attention to the road or even a driver who, while attentive, may have just not seen a motorcyclist because he or she was not anticipating one to be in the area.

Motorcycle accidents and soft tissue injuries

As this blog has discussed previously, injuries to motorcyclists following an accident are often catastrophic. After a motorcycle crash, a motorcyclist in the Albuquerque area may suffer from a head injury or spinal cord injury that leaves him or her permanently disabled. In these sorts of cases, it is quite obvious to the general public that the motorcyclist needs help and financial support.

Why do drivers have so much trouble spotting motorcyclists?

Vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, from the massive freight-carrying trucks that haul goods all across the country to streamlined bicycles made for individuals to ride. On any given day a New Mexico resident may see cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles of different makes and models commuting through Albuquerque and taking their drivers and passengers to their intended destinations.

Death of NM motorcyclist leads to wrongful death lawsuit

Power outages are an uncommon occurrence that can introduce confusion into the days of New Mexico residents. When individuals are at home and lose power they may fire up the flashlight functions on their smartphones and search for candles and battery operated devices to illuminate their homes. When they are out on the roads, though, dangers can quickly mount as traffic lights and street lights go dim and leave drivers without clear directions to follow.

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