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Even a careful rider can be injured in a motorcycle accident

Motorcycle riders are among the most vulnerable people on New Mexico roads. Unlike automobile and truck drivers, motorcycle riders do not have the benefit of airbags, seat belts or the surrounding structure of a car or a truck to protect them in the event of a motorcycle accident. Motorcycle accident victims often suffer from traumatic brain injuries, neck and head injuries, spinal cord injuries, bone fractures and internal bleeding.

Safe motorcycling helps in reducing accidents

Motorcycle riders in New Mexico may agree that safely riding a motorcycle depends both on the mental and physical skills of the rider. Riding a motorcycle is more dangerous than riding in a car, because while riding a motorcycle, the rider does not have much protection, the motorcycle is less stable than a car and, because of its smaller size, it is not as visible to other car drivers on the road.

New Mexico motorcyclists rally against mandatory helmet law

Many motorcyclists in New Mexico do not agree with a law that requires them to wear a helmet while riding New Mexico roads. More than 500 motorcyclists took to the road to protest a proposed law as soon a state legislator's proposal requiring all motorcyclists to wear helmets was made public. The proposal also includes a hefty fine for non-compliance.

Legal help for motorcycle accident victims

Motorcycle accidents can often cause severe injuries for accident victims. A motorcycle rider may be thrown off the bike due to the impact caused during an accident. Motorcycle accident victims often suffer from spinal cord injuries or head injuries. The attorneys at The Jaffe Law Firm have had decades of experience in such cases and can often help those in need.

Teen killed in Belen, New Mexico motorcycle accident

Motorcycle accidents have been a cause for concern for decades. Because of their relatively small size, motorcycle riders who are involved in a crash can end up suffering terrible injuries. And while New Mexico authorities have taken various initiatives to create public awareness about motorcycle riding safety measures, motorcycle accidents have been on the rise while other automobile accidents have continued to decline.

Motorcycle accidents: a concern for New Mexico residents

Every now and then, newspapers and television stations in Albuquerque, New Mexico, publish news reports about a motorcycle accident in or around the city or some other part of New Mexico. Sadly, many of these motorcycle crashes result in serious injuries or death. Being unprotected, unlike in a car, motorcyclists are at greater risk of serious harm in the event of an accident with another vehicle, as the sheer size and momentum of a larger vehicle can cause extensive damage to a motorcycle and its rider.

Helmets help save lives during motorbike accidents

Many New Mexico residents like to hit the highways on their motorcycles and often with their favorite passengers behind them. Unfortunately, most motorcycle accidents have tragic results. The rider and passenger may suffer catastrophic injuries, or if the rider is not wearing protective gear, sometimes an impact may cause death.

Man critically injured in New Mexico motorcycle accident

In an accident that involves two vehicles of vastly varying sizes, the motorist operating the smaller vehicle can be exposed to a greater amount of danger. A good example of this type of accident is one that involves a motorcycle and a car. In addition to bearing the force of a large vehicle, a motorcycle rider is also exposed to the risks of serious or even fatal injuries due to the lack of a protective steel frame surrounding the motorcycle.

Three motorcycle accidents reported in Albuquerque within a week

Although there has been a decrease in car accidents and other vehicular accidents, much of it attributed to stronger safety regulations, recent studies show that motorcycle accidents are actually on the rise. Due to their size and vulnerabilities, motorcyclists are especially susceptible to personal injuries following an accident.

New Mexico motorcycle crash claims life of one

New Mexico's motorcyclists often ride as a way to unwind or a way to efficiently travel to work or school. However, these bikers are often unsuspectingly put in harm's way by other negligent drivers. In the event of motorcycle accidents, especially with a bigger vehicle, motorcycle drivers and their passengers are more likely to suffer catastrophic injuries. These injuries may lead to permanent disability or even death.

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