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Bicyclist loses life in New Mexico accident

Many residents of New Mexico prefer bicycles as a primary means of transportation. It is true that bicycles provide many benefits. However, in the event of a bike crash, a bicyclist is often at a risk of suffering from serious injuries, ranging from broken bones requiring long-term medical care to death. A bicycle accident can have grave implications for the rider of the bicycle, which became more evident last week when a bicyclist in New Mexico met with a fatal accident.

Albuquerque bicycle accident victim taken to hospital

Bicyclists in Bernalillo, New Mexico are subject to the same road rules as car drivers, as is the case in most of America. However, due to the vulnerabilities of a bicycle rider, a bicycle accident often results in a fatality more often than a car accident. Even where a fatality does not occur, the victim can end up with serious injuries.

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