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Bicycle Accidents Archives

New Mexico bicycle fatalities average compared to the U.S.

There are many people who ride bicycles in New Mexico for fun, for exercise or for other reasons like trying to do their part to help the environment or because it is the most reliable transportation a person has to get to and from where they need to go. However, bicycling carries with it some risks for those who choose to take this mode of transportation.

When there is dispute over an injury, it may be time for help

A previous post on this blog talked about a recent bicycle accident in another city in New Mexico in which the driver of the vehicle involved and a group of bicyclists, some of whom the motorist hit, were blaming each other for the accident. For Bernalillo County residents, this is one of those situations in which having the help of an experienced personal injury attorney in the Albuquerque area can prove to be helpful and even essential for an accident victim who needs compensation for injuries. In fact, our law office encourages our clients to call when there is some dispute about who is at fault for an accident, as this can make a case much more complicated.

Accident involving New Mexico bicycling club in dispute

A group of senior bicyclists in the Santa Fe area are describing a recent bicycle accident as a road rage incident. The accident left one of their members, all of whom were on a group ride at the time, in the hospital with serious injuries, including a punctured lung. Two other members also suffered injuries.

Can I sue a driver who hit me when they were speeding?

A speeding driver can be more than a nuisance to others on New Mexico roads. They can create confusion for drivers who do not know how to anticipate their movements and they can cause dangers to slower moving vehicles and individuals, such as bicycles and pedestrians. When speeding drivers cause accidents with others and those victims suffer injuries it is often on the negligent drivers to prove that their actions did not cause the victims' injuries.

Understand the proper use of bicycle lanes and buffer zones

There are a number of road markings that New Mexico residents must be able to interpret when they are operating their motor vehicles. They must recognize the differences between solid center lines and dotted center lines, single lines and double lines, white perimeter lines and stop lines, as well as arrows, turn lane markings and others. On some roads drivers may see images that look like bicycles and those markings likely indicate the presence of bicycle lanes or bicycle buffer zones.

Accidents between vehicles and bikes can be deadly

Not long ago this New Mexico personal injury legal blog discussed the role of negligence in accidents that occur between motor vehicles and bicycles. While both vehicle drivers and bicyclists are tasked with driving their chosen means of transportation with care, it is often the unreasonably dangerous and negligent actions of motor vehicle drivers that put bicyclists in harm's way. When a fast moving vehicle collides with a small bike it is not uncommon for the bicyclist to suffer life-threatening injuries and to be left with serious losses to recover from.

The role of negligence in a bicycle accident case

Negligence is the cause of many vehicle accidents, including those that involve bicycles. When a driver fails to take proper precautions and utilize care in the execution of their driving responsibilities, New Mexico bicyclists can be hurt and even killed. This post will generally discuss negligence in the context of a vehicle-bicycle collision but readers may use it as an informational introduction to the general topic of negligence.

Were you injured in a bicycle accident? We can help.

Readers of this New Mexico personal injury legal blog may be familiar with the adage, "It's as easy as riding a bike." Although it can take children some time to master the balance and coordination needed to successfully stay upright on a bicycle, once the skills are mastered there is practically nothing more enjoyable than riding one's own bike down the road. Throughout the state bike riders take to their cycles for a number of reasons, from commuting to school or work to riding for exercise and enjoyment.

What standard are children held to during bicycle accident suits?

In New Mexico, and other jurisdictions throughout the country, children are often the victims of collisions between vehicles and bicycles. This is the case because children and their bikes tend to be small relative to the roads that they ride on, and can easily be lost in the mirrors and blind spots of the drivers who encounter them. Children also generally do not have the same capacity for risk aversion as adults, and as such, may inadvertently put themselves in dangerous positons when they are out enjoying bicycle rides.

What victims in New Mexico bicycle accidents can do

Being the victim of an accident can be disheartening and stressful. Especially when serious injuries are suffered, whether broken bones or ruptured organs, the hurt victim may be so wrapped up in what is currently occurring that they can spare no thought for future actions. This may be especially true after a New Mexico bicycle accident, as injuries are often serious. That is understandable, and the first thing accident victims need to do is make sure that their health is taken care of, and that they let the medical professionals decide what kind and how much treatment they are going to need. However, at some point, there may be the necessity of considering whether someone is liable for the injured person's damages, and there may be some steps to be taken that will help with this endeavor.

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