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Nursing Home Neglect Archives

New Mexico nursing home charged with multiple offenses

While families always have the best of intention when making the decision to move a family member into a nursing home, unfortunately, there are still situations of nursing home abuse throughout the United States, including New Mexico. Families of loved ones who enter into nursing homes expect a reasonable standard of care.

How does New Mexico define nursing home abuse?

As medical technology and our understanding of human biological processes advance, people are often living longer, healthier lives. While this is probably a good thing in general, it can also lead to some unintended consequences. Because our ability to maintain the functions of physical life outstrips our ability to treat some of the other effects of aging, some older individuals find themselves in situations where it is difficult for them to live independently, either due to conditions affecting their mental capacity, or simply needing more care than their family or loved ones can give. This means that more and more people have to make the difficult decision to place an older family member in a nursing home.

What are the nursing home staffing requirements in New Mexico?

In American society, we are often taught, directly or indirectly, that getting old is something to be feared and avoided as long as possible. However, no matter what we do, it happens to all of us. Watching a loved one, like a parent or grandparent, succumb to illness that makes the person unable to properly care for him- or herself is difficult, even more so if you are not in a position to take that individual into your own care. In such cases, sometimes a nursing home facility is the best option, but it pays to be vigilant regarding the requirements such facilities must adhere to so as to be able to detect any possible neglect or abuse.

Motion to dismiss nursing home neglect case denied by judge

When a person has been injured while in the care of another person, there are many defenses that those accused of causing the injury may attempt to utilize. A national chain of nursing homes has been accused of understaffing to the point where patients suffered injury and even death. When the nursing home and their counsel attempted to have the case 'thrown out,' the motion was denied by the presiding judge assigned to the case.

What legal rights are afforded to NM nursing home residents?

When it comes to our loved ones, there isn't anything that we wouldn't do for them. Typically, the decision to move a loved one into a nursing home or an assisting living facility is a tough one to make. Usually a loved one's health has deteriorated or perhaps there was a big event that does not allow them to continue living their life the way they used to. Whatever the reasoning behind the decision, those that live in nursing homes may give up some of their independence, but they do not relinquish their legal rights.

Rights that all New Mexico nursing home residents have

As loved one's get older, many families find that it is in everyone's best interests to relocate an elderly loved one to a nursing home. Nursing homes can be a good choice because they can provide medical care and any other special attention that an elderly person may need. However, accidents or even malicious acts have been discovered at New Mexico nursing homes, and these acts have harmed nursing home residents.

How do you prove a NM nursing home engaged in nursing home abuse?

Choosing a nursing home is a major decision because one is usually looking for the best possible place for their elderly loved one. But, what happens, when a nursing home breaks all the bonds of trust and nursing home abuse or neglect is suspected after a loved one's injury? There are ways to prove that a New Mexico nursing home partook in behaviors that could be considered negligent for that injury.

What should I know about pursuing a NM nursing home abuse claim?

When it comes to the health and well-being of elderly loved ones, like parents and grandparents, top-level care is not just desired, it is necessary. For those loved ones who have not received the best possible care, possibly qualifying for nursing home abuse, this is cause for concern. Injuries and worsened medical conditions can result, if nursing home facilities or staff are not taking their standard of care seriously. There are a few things to take into consideration if a New Mexican finds themselves in this unfortunate situation.

What are the different types of elder abuse?

Many New Mexico residents take their elderly loved ones to a nursing home with the expectation that they will be given the best care possible. These institutions exist to serve the needs of elderly people who may require extra care. However, there are tragic cases when not only are nursing home patients not properly cared for, but they are made victim to nursing home abuse.

What are causes and complications of bedsores?

When a person is placed in a nursing home in Bernalillo, the patient's loved ones are expecting the staff to provide proper care. Part of that is making certain that the circumstances that the patient is in do not lead to bedsores. Bedsores occur when there is pressure on the skin and that pressure prevents blood from reaching the skin and tissues. If a person is immobile or limited in mobility, the skin can be subject to this type of damage.

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