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What are the different forms of Erb's palsy?

People in Bernalillo who are expecting a child do not want to think about the possibility that something bad will happen that might cause a birth injury. When something bad does happen, it can lead to significant medical expenses and long-term problems for the baby that can last throughout their life. One problem that could arise is known as Erb's palsy. When this occurs, it means that the baby might not have the ability to move their shoulder but will be able to move the fingers.

Understanding shoulder dystocia and its complications

Although expectant parents in New Mexico will be excited about the upcoming birth and tend not to consider what can possibly go wrong leading to birth injuries, they are still a looming possibility. One particular injury that can happen to a newborn is called shoulder dystocia. Many might not even be aware as to what shoulder dystocia is or what its complications are. They might also be unaware that it might have been preventable with the proper care from the medical professionals overseeing the pregnancy and birth.

What are the differences between birth injuries and defects?

Of course, expecting New Mexico parents hope for the best outcome in birth. Sadly, not all births go according to plan. Sometimes, a child may be born with injuries or defects. These injuries and defects can result in lifelong complications that can have a serious effect on that child's quality of life. What's more, it can also greatly alter the quality of life of the parents, resulting in many additional complications.

Rare cases of facial birth injuries can be easily prevented

Birth injuries can result in tragedies for the family and close friends of both the baby and the mother. New Mexico residents go to doctors not only to give birth, but also during the pregnancy to make sure that the baby gets the best medical care available to ensure a smooth delivery. However, even with the years of training and studying, sometimes doctors make mistakes during the delivery, which can result in several complications not only for the mother, but also for the baby.

Avoidable birth injuries and medical malpractice

One of the highest rates of hospitalization is during childbirth. New Mexico parents rely on their doctors for a safe delivery and the opportunity to bring their new baby home. But childbirth is often a risky procedure. An infant or the new mother may suffer serious injuries due to the medical malpractice of the doctor or the hospital's medical staff. When this happens the parents may wish to consult with medical malpractice attorneys in order to determine whether there is a legal remedy for their tragic situation.

The adverse consequences of a birth injury

The state of New Mexico has stringent laws that protect families from those people who are responsible for causing a birth injury during or after childbirth. That is because the birth of a child is one the best things to happen to most couples, and they rely on medical professionals for a normal and smooth delivery of the baby. Unfortunately, some childbirth cases become extremely complicated due to an error during delivery. Often, this negligent medical malpractice is avoidable.

What causes Erb's palsy in newborn babies?

As most New Mexico parents know, delivering a child is serious business and by no means easy, even if it all goes well. It is certainly stressful for the mother and can put other family members on edge until the baby has entered the world safely and in good health. Sometimes, though, even when delivery staff acts with caution, a newborn can still suffer injury.

Who can be held responsible when a baby is injured during birth?

If a baby is injured during his or her delivery, the effects can last the rest of his or her life. This is why physicians and hospital staff need to be exceptionally careful when helping a woman give birth. When something does go wrong and a baby is born with severe injuries, New Mexico's laws may allow the parents to seek compensation from those at fault.

New birth injury guidelines focus on prevention

Residents of Bernalillo County, New Mexico, may want to know that for some cases of the brain injury known as neonatal encephalopathy, the causes of such injuries remain unidentified. Birth injuries among newborns are not uncommon, and if doctors could identify and treat the injury immediately, some neonatal encephalopathy cases may be preventable.

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