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Loved ones injured in NM car crash can seek financial damages

It's the phone call that gives people the shivers. One call can irreparably change the life of a loved one and the lives of everyone around that person. When you or a loved one receives a call that there has been a terrible accident, it can be shocking and life-altering. Many accidents, like car crashes, could have been avoided had another driver operated their vehicle with more care for themselves and others around them.

Stolen vehicle accident claims life of teen

Disaster struck a New Mexico neighborhood last week when a surprising and uncharacteristic car accident left a family forever changed. Not all car accidents are due to a negligent driver. Some are due to reckless drivers who operate a vehicle with a disregard for their safety or the safety of others around them. In this scenario, the police are seeking the location of the two suspects who fled the scene of the accident just after the car crash occurred.

Pain and suffering damages after Bernalillo car accident

Few things in life can be as surprising or as jarring as injuries suffered in a car wreck. Since there can be many levels of severity of car accident, and the corresponding injuries, there are more advanced levels of compensation one can seek if there was a negligent party or parties involved in the crash. Those injured always worry about the cost associated with medical expenses, and rightly so with today's cost of healthcare. However, it is also true those who have suffered emotionally can collect for a different type of damage.

Injuries sustained by drunk driver are potentially compensable

With technology today, people we love are usually in fairly constant contact. Cell phones, social media and other technology allow us to stay in touch with those who are important in our lives. When a person doesn't answer and doesn't show up on time, many get nervous about their well-being. Most of the time, they are just running late or are otherwise occupied. Other times, they may have been the victim of a terrible accident.

Medical expenses and Bernalillo car accident injury

There is never a convenient time for yourself or a loved one to be involved in a serious car accident that results in injuries. Life's obligations make themselves even more pronounced at times when a person becomes unable to meet those obligations due to accident injury. Financial obligations, child care obligations and work obligations can make an injured person feel overwhelmed and helpless. The good news is that a portion of these obligations can be compensated for by a negligent party, if such party exists in reference to car accident injury.

What are typical injuries sustained after NM car accident?

When a traumatic incident like a car accident happens to yourself or a loved one, there can be a variety of questions that need answering. Of the most pressing of these questions is surrounding the health and well-being of the injured. Medical treatment and their resounding expenses and access to top-quality medical care is always high on the list for those who have suffered car accident injury. If you are wondering if your car accident injury is atypical, read on.

2 dead in NM cross-over crash, other driver believed intoxicated

It can happen in the blink of an eye. One minute, people are driving along the interstate and the next, they or a loved one can be involved in a catastrophic crash. Some crashes are so devastating that they claim the lives of their passengers. Sadly, this was the case on a New Mexico interstate when a vehicle crossed over into oncoming traffic causing the deaths of the driver in the passenger in the oncoming vehicle.

Costs that can be recovered after Bernalillo car accident injury

Many think that a car accident could never actually happen to them. But the truth is that Bernalillo residents are involved in car accidents on a daily basis. Some car accidents are very serious and have long-lasting resounding impacts -- whether health-wise, or financially, the accident can be devastating.

What are the signs of an intoxicated Albuquerque driver?

While most of us would never consider getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated, some have and will continue to do so. Whatever their reasoning behind this decision, it is against the law to drive with a blood alcohol content over the New Mexico legal limit. Avoiding these intoxicated drivers is tough to do since it can be difficult to tell who is and who is not driving intoxicated. Some Albuquerque residents aren't so lucky and suffer a car accident with a drunk driver.

Compensation may be available for victims' medical expenses

Top notch medical care is an important component in the healing process, and this is especially true when a person has been injured in a serious car accident. Injuries sustained in a car accident can range from whiplash to head injuries to even spinal cord injuries, all of which can be very serious. Prompt medical care and a rehabilitation program are essential for the injured person to regain their health. However, this medical care does not come cheap.

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