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Semi-truck accidents cause thousands of deaths every year

Most drivers probably attempt to operate their vehicles with a bit more care when they are near a semi-truck on the highways of Georgia. The danger presented by these vehicles should be clear - they are huge, weigh thousands of pounds more than the average passenger vehicle and oftentimes are transporting cargo that is hazardous. But, sadly, truck accidents involving semi-trucks are sometimes seemingly inevitable.

Drunk driving crash results in loss of 3 family members, injuries

Sad news broke recently when it came to light a family's SUV has been involved in a car accident with another vehicle. Three New Mexico family members, including a young child, lost their lives in the car crash. After a police investigation, it has been reported that a New Mexico man is allegedly responsible for the crash. The worst part is the accident and loss of life could have been avoided, had the man not been driving drunk.

New Mexico crash results in 4 deaths, 1 injury

Losing a loved one in a car accident is something no New Mexico resident should have to suffer. Unfortunately, it is a reality that some may have to face someday. If such a tragedy occurs, many may feel lost, unable to make sense of what happened. They may also face uncertainties regarding how to proceed. In cases where legal action may be warranted, attorneys are available to guide victims and their loved ones through every step of the legal process.

Common questions regarding car accident liability

Many New Mexico residents rely on motor vehicles to get to and from work or school. These drives can begin to feel routine and the thought of a car accident occurring may be far from their minds. When a car accident does happen, many may feel flustered and have difficulty processing the events that just occurred. It may become difficult to know what actions to take and many questions may arise following the car accident.

A look at pedestrian accidents in New Mexico

Many New Mexico residents who pay attention to the news may become aware of the frequency in which car accidents occur. Sometimes it can seem like every day there is a serious accident reported. Some of these accidents involve two motor vehicles of similar make and model. Others involve great size disparities, as is the case in many truck accident cases. Sometimes, too, accidents involve a motor vehicle and a pedestrian, in which case the pedestrian is put in great danger.

Auto accident kills driver and severely injures passenger

Drivers in New Mexico might adhere to the rules of the road and operate their vehicles as safely as possible, but in certain instances even that cannot provide protection from a car accident. These crashes can lead to severe injuries and fatalities. When there is an automobile accident, those who were involved and, in cases of a fatality, the family left behind may need to know what must be done to pursue compensation through a legal case.

Proving the five elements of negligence in car accidents

Many New Mexico residents who have been involved in car accidents experience a variety of emotions. Sometimes, a car accident victim might feel bewildered, unable to comprehend what happened to him or her. Other times, car accident victims might feel enraged at the negligent driver who caused an accident to occur. Victims often understandably desire to bring a negligent driver to justice. Thankfully, there are ways of going about this.

Two taken to hospital after hit and run in New Mexico

Car accidents can provoke a wide range of emotions. Everyone reacts differently, and for some, a car accident can be one of the most emotionally trying events a person can go through. Sometimes, a victim may feel confused and bewildered, uncertain as to how such an accident could have occurred. Other times, a victim may feel enraged, angry at the reckless actions of another driver. All of these emotions may be justified, especially when the accident could have been prevented had the other driver taken the necessary precautions.

Protecting the rights of car accident victims

Many in New Mexico rely on motor vehicles for a variety of reasons. Some need to drive to and from work, often having to endure a long commute, while others may need to drive children to school or drive to the grocery store. Most of the time, these drivers are able to reach their destinations without any trouble. However, there are occasions when drivers do run into problems, and these can have devastating results.

Options following an accident with a truck in New Mexico

All car accidents have the potential to be devastating. However, there are certain types that can be more deadly than others. Truck accidents are among the more dangerous and deadly types of accidents. Commercial trucks can weigh thousands of pounds, which results in a very deadly force when travelling at high speeds. New Mexico residents who have suffered the trauma of an accident with a truck may be wondering just what their options are.

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