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Student killed in tragic New Mexico car accident

Losing a loved one in a car accident is one of the most harrowing experiences a person can undergo. Understandably, a plethora of emotions may arise following such an incident. Sometimes, a family member may be enraged if it is found that the other party involved was drunk and got behind the wheel. Drunk driving is one of the most reckless actions a person can take, and every year many are tragically injured or killed as the result of an accident with a drunk driver.

Understanding the harmful nature of distracted driving

Distracted driving is a serious concern for communities. The number of victims killed and injured in distracted driving-related car accidents has increased in recent years. In 2013, greater than 3,000 victims were killed throughout the United States in distracted-driver related car accidents. The number of victims killed in distracted-driver related car accidents in 2013 was a 6.7 percent increase from the number of fatalities in 2012.

Pedestrian hit in New Mexico car accident

Of all motor vehicle accidents, those involving pedestrians are among the worst. Because they lack the protection that motor vehicles afford, pedestrians are completely vulnerable to injuries in a car accident. A crosswalk collision that might be a simple fender-bender between two cars can easily prove fatal when one of the parties involved is a pedestrian.

Three killed in New Mexico accident with suspected drunk driver

There are few things as traumatic as losing a loved one in a car accident. Understandably, the families and loved ones of victims who have lost their lives in these instances often feel a variety of emotions. Sometimes, they may feel outraged, and wish to hold the driver who caused the accident responsible. This is often the case when the other driver displayed some form of negligence at the time of the crash, including such reprehensible actions as reckless driving and driving while intoxicated.

A look at federal trucking regulations

New Mexico residents may not be aware of what are known as federal trucking regulations. All truck drivers are expected to abide by these regulations. These regulations become important for anyone who has been in an accident with a truck driver, as a truck driver may have violated one of these regulations. A truck driver who has violated a federal trucking regulation may be held responsible for injuries and damages.

New Mexico hit and run accident victim making recovery

Following a car accident, the drivers involved are expected to remain on the scene until the authorities arrive and all necessary insurance information is exchanged. However, some drivers choose not to do this. Some drivers flee the scene because they are afraid of facing charges. Doing so is essentially an admission of guilt. For victims of such hit and run car accidents, it can be very frustrating to suffer injuries and not have the suspect brought to justice.

Common causes of truck accidents

There are many ways in which a car accident can occur in New Mexico. Some accidents involve a negligent driver failing to see a motorcyclist, while other times a car crash may involve large commercial vehicles. Accidents with large commercial vehicles can differ in some ways from other types of accidents. They can involve their own unique set of laws. These laws can play a big part in a judge's ruling in a truck accident case.

Aggressive driving can cause car accidents

In most contentious scenarios, defaulting to aggression may not be the best means of resolving the issue. The same rule applies when it comes to operating a motor vehicle on the road. However, aggressive driving is a reality that many motorists in New Mexico might have witnessed numerous times. In addition to witnessing car accidents, those people may also agree that the aggressive driver's actions put their safety at risk.

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