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Albuquerque bicycle accident victim taken to hospital

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2014 | Uncategorized |

Bicyclists in Bernalillo, New Mexico are subject to the same road rules as car drivers, as is the case in most of America. However, due to the vulnerabilities of a bicycle rider, a bicycle accident often results in a fatality more often than a car accident. Even where a fatality does not occur, the victim can end up with serious injuries.

Thus, the bicyclist, as well as other drivers in the vicinity, must maintain greater vigilance in order to avoid any accident. Failure to do so can result in negligent or distracted driving, which might be enough for a court to award penalties.

In Albuquerque recently, a car collided with a bicyclist at an intersection. As a result, the bicyclist was taken to a nearby hospital. It isn’t clear if the car’s driver suffered any injuries. Whether the bicycle or the car have been damaged has not been reported. The accident resulted in the temporary closure of the two adjacent streets after police and fire authorities began their investigation.

While it surely is a relief that no lives were lost in the accident, it is up to investigators to decide whether the bicyclist or the car driver have any liability. Relatives of the victim may wish to consult a lawyer about the kind of compensation they can receive. Given the equal status given to bicycles and cars in New Mexico, a judge may choose to impose nothing beyond a liability claim in the event this case ends up in court. The victim’s family will no doubt await the results of the investigation, which will determine whether both drivers were complying with the “share the road” philosophy.

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