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Are police chases too dangerous?

Police chases are a staple of movies and a semi-common occurrence in real life, something most people have watched on the news at night -- if they haven't seen one in person. When a driver decides to run, we expect the police to flip on the lights and the siren and...

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7 safety tips for cyclists

Cycling can be very fun and safe, but you must understand that you do face some risks whenever you ride around cars. In an accident, the cyclist faces vastly greater danger than the driver of the car, even at very low speeds. Any accident can be deadly or can lead to...

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Distracted driving takes 3 forms

Next time you look over at a stoplight and see someone sitting on their phone, take a moment to think about just how distracted that driver is. Keep your distance. Distracted driving causes a lot of injuries and fatalities in accidents every year.At the same time,...

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