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Declining rate in fatal motorcycle crashes

Because many residents and visitors in New Mexico like to enjoy a motorcycle ride, there are many initiatives that highlight the importance of driving cautiously around motorcyclist. While these campaigns often asked motorists to check twice for motorcyclists, this does not always prevent motorcycle crashes from occurring. Each year, thousands of motorcyclists suffer serious and fatal injuries following a wreck caused by a negligent motorist.

Based on statistics from 2018, fatal motorcycle accidents have shown a declining trend. This is based on the fact that roughly 5,000 individuals were killed in motorcycle collisions in 2017, which is almost 300 less than the number killed in 2016. This data indicates that there was a 5.6% decrease, and it is projected that this decrease is to continue.

Helping you navigate a legal action following a bike accident

While we hate to admit it, summer will soon come to a close. However, in New Mexico, this does not mean that one has to say good-bye to most summer time activities for much of the year. Riding a bicycle is not only a great form of exercise and an environmentally conscious way to get around; it is a form of transportation that is frequently used by residents to get to and from their destinations.

Thus, motorists are often sharing the roadway with bicyclists. While drivers should take note of bikers and drive with caution around one, this does not only occur. And when a driver is negligent, this could result in a serious and even fatal bicycle crash.

Study finds that eyes are the key to distracted driving

We all experience a time where life gets busy. And in order to manage a full schedule, we attempt to cram as much as we can in one day, multitasking when we can. Unfortunately, multitasking has become second nature for many motorists in New Mexico, even when a hectic schedule isn't driving this conduct. Advancements in technology tend to create distractions in motor vehicles, causing a driver to take his or her eyes off of the road.

The dangers of distracted driving are well known; however motorists across the nation still partake in this risky behavior. According to a current study, it was found that the major cause of distracted driving is the eyes, not the brain. In other words, the greatest risk occurs when a driver's eyes are not on the road rather than their brain on the primary task of driving.

Nursing home abuse and neglect goes underreported

Caring for an aging loved one can be a emotional and taxing experience. It can present many challenges, and when one is no longer able to do this on their own, it is likely that they will seek out the assistance of nursing home facilities to care for an elderly family member. While many of these facilities are of great quality, providing excellent care and assistance, some fall short of this expectation. And in some unfortunate cases, elderly tenants suffer harm through abuse and neglect.

Based on current data, nursing home facilities across the nation have failed to report thousands of serious cases where potential neglect and abuse were occurring among those receiving Medicare benefits. Despite the fact that the federal government requires these reports to be filed, this information went unreported or underreported.

Helping you initiate a legal action following a birth injury

When a woman is expecting to bring new life into the world, she is not expecting any harm to be caused to her or her newborn. Unfortunately, there are risks associated with childbirth, but for the most part, unpreventable injuries and harms are not the ones one should be the most concerned with. Medical errors and mistakes could result in harm caused to the mother and baby, and these birth injuries could impact one or both of them temporarily or even for the rest of their life.

At the Jaffe Law Firm, our experienced attorneys understand how devastating and traumatic a birth injury can be. Much trust is placed in the medical professionals that provide care during pregnancy, labor and delivery; therefore when a birth injury results, it can be a very shocking experience. Our law firm is dedicated at helping our clients in the Albuquerque area navigate a medical malpractice action.

Rate of pedestrian deaths in New Mexico

In New Mexico and elsewhere, getting around by foot is not uncommon. Residents will walk in the cities, on sidewalks, in residential areas and other areas throughout the state. While this is a great form of exercise, it is also an activity that poses many risks. Pedestrians are likely to share the road with motorists, and if a driver is not attentive or cautious, this could result in a pedestrian accident.

According to recent reports, the rate of pedestrian deaths in the state of New Mexico is indicating that it will pass last year's numbers. Based on current data, 11 deaths have been reported in just Albuquerque this year while 45 deaths were reported statewide.

A bicycle accident requires legal assistance for compensation

There is a seemingly endless array of reasons bicycling is a positive activity in New Mexico. Not only will a frequent bicyclist stay in shape, but it is also good for the environment and helps people save money. That aside, there are inherent risks with riding bicycles. A crash between a motor vehicle and a bicycle can cause serious injuries and death to a rider. This is true even if the rider is taking all the necessary precautions and is wearing safety equipment. With the litany of problems that arise after a bicycle crash, having legal advice is imperative to take the necessary steps to file a lawsuit.

The same dangers that confront drivers who share the road with other drivers apply to bicyclists, except bicyclists have greater vulnerability. Recklessness, negligence, speeding, drowsy driving, drivers who are under the influence and a distracted driver can cause an accident with a bicyclist just as easily as it can with a motor vehicle driver. Often, riders are in worse jeopardy because they do not have the protection of a motor vehicle and even those with quick reflexes will not be able to avoid an accident. After the bike crash, the rider can suffer head injuries, spinal cord damage, broken bones, cuts, bruises and be injured so seriously that they are paralyzed. It can lead to an immediate fatality.

New Mexico teens in top 10 for auto accident risk

In New Mexico and across the nation, it is a natural concern that teen drivers will put other drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians at risk. This is understandable. Simply being new will cause potential hazards. When adding risky behaviors into the mix, the danger is made exponentially worse. Studies are frequently conducted to assess why teens might cause an auto accident. A recent research project from WalletHub listed the best and worst states for teen drivers and New Mexico came in among the 10 worst. After a crash, this can be a key factor when seeking compensation.

Every day, there are an average of six teen deaths from an auto accident in the U.S. When the worst teen drivers were determined on a state-by-state basis, New Mexico came in ninth. In its study, WalletHub used 23 metrics. Included were the number of teen deaths, how much it cost to fix a vehicle and the extent of impaired driving legislation. The researchers came to a weighted average based on the metrics and calculated a score.

Tragic accidents put spotlight on vulnerability of motorcyclists

In May, two motorcyclists were killed in a terrible accident here in New Mexico. More recently, another terrible crash has brought the nation's attention once again to the dangers faced by motorcyclists.

In the recent tragedy, seven people were killed and three more injured when a pickup truck towing a trailer plowed into a group of 10 motorcycles traveling in New Hampshire, police said. The victims were mostly former U.S. Marines who were members of a motorcycle club.

Are teen drivers more likely to be involved in a car crash?

While many New Mexico teens welcome the summer months as time to relax and take time off from studying, police officers consider this time important for another reason. The 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are known as the 100 deadliest days for traffic crashes. This time is especially dangerous for teen drivers.

During summer breaks, teens are more likely to be on the road, either going from one recreational place to another or running errands for family members. Having recently received one's driver's license, teen drivers are less experienced than other drivers on the road and, resultantly, they make the roads more dangerous for everyone. Car accidents involving teen drivers are increasing across the country.

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