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Motorcycles can become more visible at night

Visibility is an issue for motorcycles at all times of the day. Many accidents happen because drivers do not see motorcycles at all. They are very small, many are black or another dark color, and they tend to move quickly. Drivers just overlook them and create accidents.

On one hand, this problem gets worse at night. That small black bike can blend into a dark roadway as the sun goes down. We already know that the reduced visibility at night leads to car accidents, so it follows that it can lead to motorcycle accidents, as well.

What is the internet of cars?

The internet itself is just a system of computers that all connect to one another. A far-fetched idea when it began, it's now something that we use every day. If you're reading this, you're using it right now. Most people don't think twice about the whole thing, these days.

Digital reality has been expanded over the years into an "internet of things." These are internet-equipped devices that can communicate with one another. They make home automation possible, among many other things.

Why drivers illegally enter oncoming lanes

Drivers on two-way roads are sometimes allowed to enter the oncoming lanes. This happens when they are in a passing zone with a dashed yellow line. If they have room to pass safely and without breaking the speed limit, they can cross that line.

However, some drivers make clear mistakes and enter the oncoming lanes when they should not do so. This puts everyone at risk, and it can cause a serious crash. Drivers may make this mistake even when their intentions are good, inadvertently triggering an accident.

Music can be distracting on a bike

Much like runners, cyclists often like to listen to music while they ride. It helps to pass the time and prevent boredom. Plus, studies have found that people often ride harder when listening to music that they enjoy, so riders who care about their times may have a real advantage.

The downside, of course, is that listening to music can be very distracting. This is less true when you use a portable speaker, but many riders -- again, just like runners -- use headphones or earbuds. Doing so can effectively cut you off from the world around you.

Passenger dies in car accident, driver faces charges

A woman is dead after a car accident, and the man who was driving the car is now facing serious charges relating to her death.

The accident happened on June 28, a Sunday. The two were in the car together, going down State Road 240. The car then left the road and slammed into a tree.

4 key statistics regarding cycling accidents

Change starts with knowledge. If we want to change the number of cyclists getting injured or killed in accidents in the United States, the first step is simply to understand how and why these accidents take place. That can guide safety efforts moving forward.

With that in mind, take a look at these four key statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

  1. In 37% of recent (2017) fatal cyclings accidents, alcohol use was involved. This does not necessarily mean that the cyclist was the one who was drinking, but just that it played a role.
  2. When comparing male and female cycling fatalities for the same year, it was found that fatal crashes were 8 times higher for men than women.
  3. Three-quarters of all fatalities on bikes occur on urban streets, with just one quarter happening on rural roads.
  4. In every season, statistics showed that the most common time for these wrecks was from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

A motorcyclist could die in a 'fender bender'

Rear-end accidents are often what drivers think of as fender-benders. They happen at low speeds, no one really gets hurt, but the cars are both damaged and the drivers have to get out and exchange information.

If you're on a motorcycle, though, that crash can be deadly.

Bike accidents are declining, but there's a concerning trend

When you hear the news that bike vs. car accidents are declining on the whole, that sounds like nothing but good news. And it's true that fewer people getting into accidents is nothing but positive for the members of the cycling community.

However, there is a concerning trend that goes along with this falling accident rate: The number of deadly accidents has been trending up. So, while there are fewer accidents, a far greater percentage end up taking lives, rather than just putting people in the hospital.

What care should a nursing home provide?

Helping your elderly loved one move into a nursing home means you and they believe that they cannot live completely independently. The nursing home is supposed to provide support services so that they can be healthy, safe and happy in the center, while still having a bit more freedom and independence than they would in other settings.

Nursing home neglect happens when they do not get the type of service they deserve. It is not direct abuse, but it can still cause harm and can even be fatal. You need to know how to spot the signs of neglect so that you can take action, and that starts with knowing what type of service they should get. Examples include:

  • Comfortable room and board, giving them a safe living space similar to a dorm or an apartment
  • Medication monitoring to make sure they take the right doses at the right times -- and of the right medications
  • Assistance with personal care such as using the restroom, taking a shower or getting dressed
  • Access to recreational activities and social activities
  • Emergency care around the clock so that someone can respond quickly when needed
  • Access to food, water and other necessities

Bosch develops an automatic emergency system for motorcyclists

Automotive manufacturers such as General Motors started equipping their vehicles with their proprietary OnStar technology nearly a quarter-century ago. Many car companies have since followed suit. That technology is capable of performing many different functions, including calling the police when there's an accident.

A technology innovation company, Bosch, has announced that they plan to roll out a similar service named Help Connect soon. They expect that it will aid motorcyclists if they have a crash.

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