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Daydreamers are dangerous drivers

Albuquerque, New Mexico, law enforcement officials, legislators and other concerned citizens have paid a lot of attention to the dangerous of texting and driving of late, and it is no surprise that they are. After all, taking one's eyes off the road, even for a split second, to make a call or send a text can cause serious and even fatal car accidents.

However, according to a study that was published recently, cell phone use and texting and driving are not the most common cause of fatal distracted driving accidents. In fact, they only account for 14 percent of these types of accidents.

12-year-old's recent death may lead to safer crosswalk

Recently, an Albuquerque pre-teen died as the result of a pedestrian accident, which took place close to her middle school. Following this fatal automobile accident, city officials are now discussing ways of making the crosswalk where the accident happened safer.

Based on the actions of Albuquerque's mayor and a member of the city council, it appears the crosswalk will have a so-called HAWK system installed on it. The HAWK system includes lights and other signals that will warn motorists when a pedestrian is in the crosswalk.

Doctors must check for and respond to fetal distress

When parents in Albuquerque go in to the hospital in order to have their child, their emotions are probably a mix of excitement and anxiety. They may be overjoyed at the thought of welcoming their child into the world, yet at the same time realize that the process of labor and delivery is a painful experience that can also be dangerous for both the mother and unborn child.

Because the process is still risky even with all of our modern technological advances, parents are placing a lot of trust in their doctors and other caregivers when they come to a hospital to have their babies. This is one of many reasons why it is so important for doctors to keep a close eye on the progress of labor and delivery and immediately notice, and treat, any problems.

Motorcycle accidents can be caused by defects

Previous posts here have discussed how serious motorcycle accidents can be. These accidents can be caused by a distracted driver who is not paying attention to the road or even a driver who, while attentive, may have just not seen a motorcyclist because he or she was not anticipating one to be in the area.

However, some motorcycle crashes in the Albuquerque area can also be caused by a problem with the motorcycle itself. For example, the designer or manufacturer of the motorcycle may not have made the product correctly or engineered it in such a way that it is dangerous for the rider or, for that matter, even those around the motorcycle.

When there is dispute over an injury, it may be time for help

A previous post on this blog talked about a recent bicycle accident in another city in New Mexico in which the driver of the vehicle involved and a group of bicyclists, some of whom the motorist hit, were blaming each other for the accident. For Bernalillo County residents, this is one of those situations in which having the help of an experienced personal injury attorney in the Albuquerque area can prove to be helpful and even essential for an accident victim who needs compensation for injuries. In fact, our law office encourages our clients to call when there is some dispute about who is at fault for an accident, as this can make a case much more complicated.

There are other reasons we encourage people to seek out the help of our experienced attorneys after an accident. Sometimes, if a person just does not know what to do or how the law works in a given situation, a phone call is tremendously helpful.

Accident involving New Mexico bicycling club in dispute

A group of senior bicyclists in the Santa Fe area are describing a recent bicycle accident as a road rage incident. The accident left one of their members, all of whom were on a group ride at the time, in the hospital with serious injuries, including a punctured lung. Two other members also suffered injuries.

The cyclists say that a man drove around them in the left lane while honking his horn repeatedly. He then pulled in front of them and stopped in the right lane, directly in front of the cyclists. The driver then, according to some witnesses, backed up into some of the cyclists, causing them to fall over the car.

Recent acquittal of driver shouldn't discourage victim's family

About two years ago, a motorist killed a noted physician who practiced at the medical school in Albuquerque as an internist. At the time of the fatal car crash, she was also an associate professor at the medical school.

What happened was that, while the doctor had brought her vehicle to a stop at a traffic light, the other driver, now 30, slammed into the doctor's car. According to police, the woman was traveling at double the speed limit, 70 in a 35 mile per hour zone, at the time she hit the doctor's vehicle. She also left the scene of the accident and, when discovered, was reportedly acting erratically.

Warning signs of nursing home neglect

A family in the Albuquerque area no doubt will only put their loved one into a nursing home after careful consideration, and then only with the expectation that they will be properly cared for and, as much as possible, have their medical and other needs met.

If they found out that nursing home neglect was affecting their loved one's health, they would no doubt immediately find other arrangements for their loved one and would also do what they could to hold the nursing home accountable.

No matter the scale of injury, we are available for victims

A previous post on this blog reminded readers that not all motorcycle accidents in Bernalillo, New Mexico, end with a driver being paralyzed or suffering from a severe head injury.

Although of course people who do experience these sorts of injuries deserve compensation as well, motorcycle accident victims who suffer soft tissue injuries or other, more "minor" injuries will also need help with medical bills and other expenses.

Motorcycle accidents and soft tissue injuries

As this blog has discussed previously, injuries to motorcyclists following an accident are often catastrophic. After a motorcycle crash, a motorcyclist in the Albuquerque area may suffer from a head injury or spinal cord injury that leaves him or her permanently disabled. In these sorts of cases, it is quite obvious to the general public that the motorcyclist needs help and financial support.

Thankfully, not all motorcycle accidents end with these sorts of horrible injuries. However, it is important for New Mexico residents to remember that just because a motorcyclist is able to "walk away" from a crash, it does not mean he or she hasn't been significantly injured.

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