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What rights do residents of nursing homes possess?

Giving up one's freedom to live on their own home is not the same as giving up one's rights to be treated with dignity and respect. Often, though, when New Mexico residents are moved into nursing and care facilities they are subjected to mistreatment and neglect that may amount to abuse. Nursing home residents do not deserve the maltreatment that they too often receive and have rights that they may enforce when neglect and abuse cause them harm.

For example, nursing home residents may not be denied the right to see their family members and loved ones. They may not be prevented from speaking with ombudspersons and advocates who may support them if the residents wish to make claims of neglect or abuse in their care facilities.

Understand the proper use of bicycle lanes and buffer zones

There are a number of road markings that New Mexico residents must be able to interpret when they are operating their motor vehicles. They must recognize the differences between solid center lines and dotted center lines, single lines and double lines, white perimeter lines and stop lines, as well as arrows, turn lane markings and others. On some roads drivers may see images that look like bicycles and those markings likely indicate the presence of bicycle lanes or bicycle buffer zones.

A bicycle lane is often located on the shoulder of a road and is separated from a driving lane by a solid line. Bicyclists should stay in those lanes to avoid encountering motorists, and drivers should avoid driving in bicycle lanes to prevent collisions with bicyclists. A bicycle buffer zone is a secondary space between a bicycle lane and a driving lane that provides even more space between the two kinds of vehicles.

Why do drivers have so much trouble spotting motorcyclists?

Vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, from the massive freight-carrying trucks that haul goods all across the country to streamlined bicycles made for individuals to ride. On any given day a New Mexico resident may see cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles of different makes and models commuting through Albuquerque and taking their drivers and passengers to their intended destinations.

There is one type of vehicle, though, that is often missed by drivers who operate on local streets and highways. Motorcycles are two-wheeled forms of transportation that can often be overlooked by individuals who drive larger automobiles. This post will address some of the reasons that motorcycles are often missed by vehicle drivers and how motorcyclists often become the victims of dangerous accidents.

Preventable birth injuries may be compensable

Shoulder dystocia, Erb's palsy and a host of other birth injuries are often preventable harms that befall newborns due to the negligence of the medical professionals present at the times of their births. Many birth injuries occur when doctors, nurses and other medical professionals fail to properly monitor mothers-to-be and their unborn babies for identifiable conditions that may suggest risks and complications. An unfortunate number of New Mexico families are affected by these tragedies each year.

However, victims of preventable birth injuries do not have to work toward recovery on their own. In fact, birth injuries are often caused by medical malpractice and medical malpractice laws protect patients from bearing the costs of their losses when their medical personnel make preventable mistakes. In the case of a birth injury, an injured child may have rights to compensation for the harm they sustained when they were brought into the world.

What is shoulder dystocia?

Shoulder dystocia is a medical condition that occurs during the labor and delivery process. An Albuquerque mother and child may experience this sometimes serious and often scary complication when the baby's shoulders cannot pass through the birthing canal. As a result, a baby can become lodged inside of their mother and both mother and child can suffer significant complications as a result.

For a baby, the occurrence of shoulder dystocia during labor and delivery can result in a lack of oxygen prior to birth, a break to the bones of the shoulder and collarbone, and nerve damage to the baby's upper body. For the mother, shoulder dystocia can lead to tearing of the body, a rupture of the uterus and significant bleeding.

Road travel and accidents increase as holidays approach

While some may choose to stay home and enjoy the upcoming holidays under their own roofs, a number of people will take to the roads to visit with friends and family members who live great distances from their own homes.

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics the holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are the busiest long distance travel periods of the year. Just over 90 percent of individuals who travel during these celebratory times do so in their own personal vehicles, with significantly fewer using trains, airplanes and other modes of transportation to get to their destinations.

Accidents between vehicles and bikes can be deadly

Not long ago this New Mexico personal injury legal blog discussed the role of negligence in accidents that occur between motor vehicles and bicycles. While both vehicle drivers and bicyclists are tasked with driving their chosen means of transportation with care, it is often the unreasonably dangerous and negligent actions of motor vehicle drivers that put bicyclists in harm's way. When a fast moving vehicle collides with a small bike it is not uncommon for the bicyclist to suffer life-threatening injuries and to be left with serious losses to recover from.

The victim of a vehicle-bike collision can sustain many types of serious bodily injury. Even if they are wearing a helmet and other protective gear they may still sustain harm to their face, head and neck. Their appendages can be broken and may sustain abrasions if the bicyclist is thrown to the ground due to the impact of the collision. The bones of the bodies and their organs can endure significant injuries if they are struck with force.

Elder abuse can occur in nursing home settings

Elder abuse is a problem that plagues many of our nation's older residents. It can occur between members of a family and it can also occur between care givers and their older charges. In New Mexico and communities all throughout the United States senior citizens face serious threats to their physical, mental and financial health when they put their trust in nursing homes and other facilities that purport to provide them with adequate care.

In some cases elder abuse in a nursing home will manifest with visible symptoms. The resident of a nursing or care home may present unexplainable bruising, burns or cuts that may only be caused by the infliction of harm upon them by other individuals. Other signs of abuse may include the presentation of physical injuries that could have been prevented through appropriate supervision and the application of safety protocols.

How should doctors monitor for fetal distress?

The term "fetal distress" generally refers to a lack of oxygen traveling to a baby before, during and after the labor process. It can be a serious complication and when it is left unmonitored and without treatment it can result in infants suffering serious and sometimes lifelong complications. This post will discuss one of the ways that New Mexico doctors may monitor their patients to ensure that babies undergoing the birthing process avoid fetal distress and the conditions that may serve as indicators that fetal distress will occur during labor.

One of the main ways that doctors monitor for fetal distress is through the use of electric fetal heart rate monitoring. Electric FHR monitoring allows doctors to assess a variety of data in the important hours before a baby is born. This form of monitoring tracks a mother's contractions and a baby's heart rate and changes therein that may indicate hypoxia. However, in some cases electric FHR monitoring may yield inaccurate results and a baby may be delivered via Caesarian section when a vaginal delivery would have been appropriate.

The role of negligence in a bicycle accident case

Negligence is the cause of many vehicle accidents, including those that involve bicycles. When a driver fails to take proper precautions and utilize care in the execution of their driving responsibilities, New Mexico bicyclists can be hurt and even killed. This post will generally discuss negligence in the context of a vehicle-bicycle collision but readers may use it as an informational introduction to the general topic of negligence.

Driving is a responsibility - that is why to legally drive a person must first acquire a license that proves they were able to meet a requisite level of competency to undertake the task of operating a motor vehicle. Once a person has their license, though, there are few checks in place to ensure that every time they get behind the wheel they are using their best judgment and meeting the standard of a reasonable person.

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