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Cars are the leading cause of bicycle accidents

There are a lot people in the greater Albuquerque area who ride bicycles, and they probably understand that with this activity comes certain risks. While one might imagine that the biggest single hazard facing bicyclists is the chance of falling off one's bike, the reality is that the single most common cause of bicycle accidents, at least those which get reported, involves the bicyclist getting struck by a car.

In fact, one survey from a few years back attributed 29 percent of all bicycle accidents to cars. The second most common cause of bicycle accidents was falls, at 17 percent. Significantly, 13 percent of these sorts of accidents involved a road or sidewalk not being in proper repair, and 7 percent involved unspecified collisions. In 4 percent of crashes, a dog either bit or interfered with a bicyclist.

Eight died in New Mexico bus accident

A horrific bus accident that happened in New Mexico and attracted the attention of both the national news media and federal safety investigators has left eight people dead. All the victims died of what medical experts described as blunt force trauma. One of the victims was the Greyhound driver.

The accident happened on Interstate 40. According to authorities, the first indications are that a semi-truck blew a tire while traveling in the opposite direction of the Greyhound bus involved in the accident. The truck crossed the center of the road in to the path of the Greyhound, hitting the bus head on.

Birth injuries are just one type of medical malpractice we handle

A previous post on this blog talked about medical complications that can lead to serious birth injuries if not properly cared for. Indeed, medical errors during pregnancy and childbirth are a very serious type of medical malpractice because they can affect two people, the mom and the baby. Moreover, it is very hard on a family to watch their newborn go through a long, sometimes lifelong, recovery process after a preventable injury.

However, there are lots of other ways doctors and other medical professionals whom Albuquerque residents entrust with their own lives and the lives of our loved ones can seriously let them down. For example, this blog has previously discussed medical malpractice and other acts of negligence that are all too common in New Mexico nursing homes. This type of carelessness can, in the worst case, cut short the life of a family's beloved relative.

What damages can preeclampsia cause?

Preeclampsia is a serious medical condition that can affect New Mexico mothers and, by extension, their unborn children. It is perhaps mis-named somewhat, since the only different between preeclampsia and eclampsia is that a woman with eclampsia may be prone to seizures.

Preeclampsia is a serious medical condition in its own right that tends to set in during the latter half of a woman's pregnancy. In the worst cases, it can even lead to the death of both the mother and the baby.

Over age 85 population set to explode in the next three decades

Not surprisingly given the increasing life expectancy, and should the trend continue, the number of people over age 85 living in the United States will increase by more than 100 percent by 2050. Right now, people in this age group make up a little under 2 percent of the country's population, but they are expected to constitute 4.5 percent of the population in 2050. With society become less and less integrated around the broader family unit, this means more elderly people in New Mexico and nationwide are going to have to turn to professionals for medical and personal care when they get too old to attend to these needs themselves.

These statistics point to the ongoing problem in the health care industry with a shortage of quality health care professionals, nurses, aides and the like, who can attend to the needs of the elderly with compassion and attentiveness. In the world of home health care, estimates are that the economy will need another 1 million home health professionals by 2026. This is number is 50 percent higher than where it was a few short years ago, in 2014.

Bicyclist seriously injured in Albuquerque accident

A bicyclist who was riding on one of Albuquerque's streets is fighting to hang on to life after a motorist hit the bicyclist from behind. The driver took off from the scene after the accident. Police are looking for an orange truck with a license plate that has the markings of the University of New Mexico. They say the truck likely has obvious damage to its front bumper.

Once police identify the driver, the driver will be looking at significant criminal charges, particularly if the bicyclist ultimately does not survive this accident.

Motorcycle accident statistics from the NHTSA

As part of its ongoing responsibility to keep the roads of both New Mexico and the rest of the country safe, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has for over a decade been involved in the Share the Road campaign, a public awareness campaign that various states use to draw attention to the dangers motorcyclists face at the hands of other divers.

As part of its involvement, NHSTA has researched several statistics and developed tips that individual states, when applying for grant money to conduct a public awareness campaign, can transmit by a number of means, including their driver's manuals and other paperwork. Some of NHTSA's observations bear repeating, as they may help prevent motorcycle accidents in the Albuquerque area.

To whom are distracted drivers sending texts?

Distracted driving kills. Yet, motorists in the Albuquerque area and throughout New Mexico continue to engage in this dangerous behavior. A recent report suggested that in spite of all the evidence, many motorists are still willing to take the risk of reading or sending a quick text while they drive their car.

For instance, while some justified their texting and driving habit as necessary to stay in contact with their supervisors, relatively few people speak to managers or colleagues while behind the wheel. Indeed, most people, a little under half, are communicating with a spouse or a significant other. About one third of those surveyed were talking with close friends, and a little under 1 in 4 were communicating with their children.

Motorcycle accidents and the duty to secure loads

More so than other drivers, motorcyclists have to be mindful of objects on the road, as even small items like rocks can cause serious motorcycle accidents.

Due to the size and design of motorcycles, even a small item on the road may require a motorcyclist either to make a potentially dangerous emergency swerve or stop or risk being thrown from their bikes after hitting the object. Either scenario can leave a motorcyclist dead or recovering from life-altering and permanent injuries, including brain damage or paralysis.

Major accident in Bernalillo kills three, injures two dozen

A severe accident on Interstate 25, which serves Bernalillo and the greater Albuquerque area, left three people dead and over 20 other victims of injured. Three of the victims had been critically injured and will have to fight to survive.

The accident involved four vehicles, including a passenger bus that was carrying 35 passengers. The chain reaction accident started when a passenger vehicle rear-ended a pickup. In the course of the initial impact, a driver was thrown from one of the vehicles. The driver of the bus made a sudden move in order to avoid running over the driver or hitting the car. Unfortunately, the bus turned on its side in the process and was also hit by a passing semi.

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