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Motorcycles can become more visible at night

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Visibility is an issue for motorcycles at all times of the day. Many accidents happen because drivers do not see motorcycles at all. They are very small, many are black or another dark color, and they tend to move quickly. Drivers just overlook them and create accidents.

On one hand, this problem gets worse at night. That small black bike can blend into a dark roadway as the sun goes down. We already know that the reduced visibility at night leads to car accidents, so it follows that it can lead to motorcycle accidents, as well.

The good thing for riders, though, is that they actually have the chance to become even more visible. They can do it by:

  • Wearing reflective clothing in bright colors
  • Putting reflective tape on their bikes
  • Riding with their high beams on
  • Adding additional lights to the bike for added visibility

This push for visibility isn’t just so that the rider can see better — it’s so that other drivers see the bike. With bright lights and moving reflectors, a motorcycle stands out on a dark highway at night in a way that it wouldn’t during the day. That can draw more attention from drivers, potentially reducing the likelihood of serious mistakes like turning left in front of a motorcycle or pulling out in front of it at a stoplight.

Naturally, though this can help, accidents can and do still happen. Drivers do make mistakes, and motorcyclists pay the price. If you get injured in a crash, it is important for you to know how you can seek out financial compensation. Your injuries and financial losses can be considerable after a wreck. Don’t accept anything less than a fair settlement.