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Backup cameras are not a perfect safety device

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Backup cameras, once a new tech feature you had to pay extra for, are now standard equipment on new cars. Many drivers love them for the way that they make it easier to parallel park and help them back into or out of their driveways. It gives them a sense of confidence and means that they can still look forward while backing up, maintaining their most common driving posture, rather than twisting around to peer out the back window.

These do help, but they’re not perfect. Car accidents have not dropped as much as some people would assume. Even with backup cameras, people still back their vehicles into pedestrians, cyclists and other cars. Why does it happen?

One reason is that a backup camera gives people a much better view of what sits near their bumper, which they can never get by looking out the back window, but it does not give a perfect wide view. A driver still needs to turn and look outside of the camera’s view. If they just assume that the camera is all they need, for instance, they may overlook a car driving down the street as they back out of the driveway.

Another reason is that drivers do not always give driving the focus that it deserves. Distraction plays a big role, as usual. If someone is not paying full attention to their surroundings, technology is just not always going to be enough to prevent a crash.

Have you gotten hit by a driver who was backing up? If you’re facing high medical bills, you may have a right to compensation.