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New Mexico bicyclists demonstrate safe, accident-free riding

On Behalf of | May 28, 2014 | Uncategorized |

Like many other places, Albuquerque, New Mexico has its fair share of bicyclists riding down its streets on a regular basis. It is, therefore, perhaps inevitable for these streets to witness an occasional bicycle accident. These accidents often lead to serious injuries and even fatalities, since bikers are not as well-protected as drivers who are inside a covered four-wheel vehicle.

A person harmed in such an accident may end up suffering from long-term injuries, broken bones, or a serious head or neck injury, and under such circumstances, the victim may require long-term medical care and might incur considerable expenses. If the accident has taken place due to the negligence or recklessness of another, it seems fair that the negligent party ought to pay compensation to the accident victim whom he or she harmed.

Fatalities resulting from bicycle accidents are not unknown in New Mexico. As recently as 2011, as many as four bicyclists have died in such accidents. Some believe that aggressive driving by certain car drivers may be responsible for at least some of these accidents. Reckless driving by some bicyclists may occasionally be to blame. To increase safety-consciousness, a group of New Mexico residents have initiated a monthly, live demonstration on how bicyclists can ride safely in traffic.

This event is also aimed to increase awareness among motorists about the growing presence of bicyclists on New Mexico’s roads and the need to drive safely. Given the advantages of riding a bike, such as cost-effectiveness, ease of parking, exercising, etc., bicycle traffic will likely continue to increase. Therefore, when a biker is injured in an accident, he or she should consider speaking to a legal professional who may be able to help him or her recover the compensation he or she deserves.

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