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August 2014 Archives

What is the difference between a birth injury and a birth defect?

Many people from New Mexico and elsewhere are concerned about the well-being of a child and the mother during delivery. As childbirth is a complicated process, families have expectations that medical providers will handle the delivery smoothly. However, complications may arise during childbirth, harming either the child or the mother or both.

Four vacationers killed in New Mexico car crash

Many people visit New Mexico for its unique culture, wilderness areas and beautiful landscapes. Many of these visitors are from neighboring states on road trips with the family and friends. They want to enjoy the land, have fun and make the most of the trip to collect memories for when they return to their routine life. However, an accident during a vacation can turn wonderful memories into tragic memories.

Helmets help save lives during motorbike accidents

Many New Mexico residents like to hit the highways on their motorcycles and often with their favorite passengers behind them. Unfortunately, most motorcycle accidents have tragic results. The rider and passenger may suffer catastrophic injuries, or if the rider is not wearing protective gear, sometimes an impact may cause death.

Man critically injured in New Mexico motorcycle accident

In an accident that involves two vehicles of vastly varying sizes, the motorist operating the smaller vehicle can be exposed to a greater amount of danger. A good example of this type of accident is one that involves a motorcycle and a car. In addition to bearing the force of a large vehicle, a motorcycle rider is also exposed to the risks of serious or even fatal injuries due to the lack of a protective steel frame surrounding the motorcycle.

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