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Legal help for motorcycle accident victims

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Motorcycle accidents can often cause severe injuries for accident victims. A motorcycle rider may be thrown off the bike due to the impact caused during an accident. Motorcycle accident victims often suffer from spinal cord injuries or head injuries. The attorneys at The Jaffe Law Firm have had decades of experience in such cases and can often help those in need.

Motorcycle accidents may be caused due to traffic violations or inherent defects in the road being ill maintained or under repair. In most cases, motorcycle accidents are based on faulty traffic on part of one or more vehicles involved in the crash.

New Mexico authorities have observed that many cases of motorcycle accidents are due to distracted driving. Distracted driving may be caused due to driving while intoxicated, driving under the influence, driving while texting or driving while talking on the cell phone. A motorcyclist may also try and lessen the impact of the accident on him by using helmets and wearing clothes that make them more visible on the road.

With years of aggressive lawyering in the field of personal injury lawsuits, the attorneys at The Jaffe Law Firm have seen many cases where the court may award exemplary damages in order to teach the perpetrator a lesson. In many cases, the victim may be rendered disabled for life due to the injuries caused during a motorcycle accident. In many cases, the compensation derived in the court of law by the victim and his family may help in recovering the medical bills and years of physical therapy needed for recuperation.