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What are the various causes of cerebral palsy?

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2014 | Uncategorized |

Birth injuries are defined as any injury acquired during the birth of an infant. Cerebral palsy is one of the most common forms of birth injuries. Cerebral palsy may be caused due to damage to the head or brain. With cerebral palsy, the infant’s brain does not develop in the normal age process.

While many times cerebral palsy is congenital, congenital cerebral palsy is not counted as acquired cerebral palsy. Acquired cerebral palsy may be caused during the birth or delivery of the infant. Sometimes cerebral palsy may develop within 28 days following the delivery of the child. Cerebral palsy may also be caused due to head injury acquired during birth injury or due to an infection caused during birth immediately following the delivery of a child.

Infants are found to be most vulnerable to cerebral palsy due to birth injuries and defects. Low weight at birth or preterm labor may also increase the risk of cerebral palsy. New parents must also be mindful of getting their children the best medication and timely vaccinations. Contracting infections may be a high cause of infants succumbing to cerebral palsy. Infants, physically weak at birth, are also likely to have cerebral palsy due to injuries sustained in the head. It was also found that children born as twins were more likely to contract cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy may cause prolonged illness resulting in exorbitant medical expenses. Getting timely vaccinations during pregnancy may also help in preventing such diseases. In case the mother goes through infertility treatments like insemination then one needs to be mindful of such preventive measures.

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