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Seeking legal recourse after a car accident in Albuquerque

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2015 | Uncategorized |

Residents of Bernalillo County, New Mexico, will probably agree that accidents caused by motor vehicles are a big concern for law enforcement, who try their best through numerous awareness programs and enforcement of traffic laws to educate drivers about safe driving. However, despite these best efforts, accidents still occur.

Although various factors can contribute to a car crash, negligence is one of the major reasons for motor vehicle accidents. Losing a loved one, or having a loved one seriously injured to the point of permanent disability, from a motor vehicle accident can impact a victim or his or her family members emotionally and financially. The financial picture can become even more complicated if the injured victim is, or the deceased was, the sole financial support of a family.

Our law firm has handled hundreds of cases, including a wide range of wrongful death categories where a victim or his or her family members suffered emotionally and financially due to the negligence of others. Our firm’s lawyers are always ready to help a victim, or the family of a victim, recover losses caused by other people’s negligence. Our attorneys have a total of more than 40 years of experience in dealing with personal injury cases and do everything possible to help our clients receive compensation, including lost wages, medical expenses, disability, pain and suffering and other losses, from the responsible party or parties.

We understand that no amount can ever compensate for the loss of a loved one or make up for a loved living with permanently disability from a car accident. But seeing that those responsible for the accident pay their share certainly sends a strong message that those who are negligent must be held accountable. Our lawyers will help evaluate a claim, determine whether legal negligence is involved, and then attempt to uncover evidence. Our lawyers provide compassionate and professional representation in the court, and we work with our clients to achieve a positive end, keeping them informed during every stage of the case.