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New Mexico lawyers advocating rights of bicycle accident victims

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2015 | Uncategorized |

Texas roads are often unsafe for cyclists. When involved in car accidents, reports show bicycle riders are most likely to suffer grave injuries which may even prove fatal. For decades, the attorneys at The Jaffe Law Firm have stood firm when advocating for the rights of bicycle accident victims.

One of the major causes for concern by Texas authorities addressing bicycle accident prevention is the target age group. Since a license is not required to ride a bicycle, many children and teenagers use bicycles as their primary modes of transportation. Severe head injuries and spinal cord injuries are frequently suffered by bicycle riders and these grave injuries can destroy and debilitate a victim’s life before it has truly begun.

Due to the severity of injuries suffered by bicycle riders, medical expenses incurred can be exorbitant and bicycle accident victims may end up disabled due to the crash. Such victims may need years of rehabilitation, medication and physical therapy to recuperate from a bicycle accident. In many cases the family of a victim may find it difficult to fund needed, long-term medical care.

Investigation usually reveals the cause of a bicycle accident. This investigation is usually conducted by Texas authorities and may be crucial in assigning responsibility for the bicycle accident. In many cases the defense attorney may try to assign blame to the victim for not using safety measures, such as wearing a helmet or photo-reflecting, highly visible clothing.

The experienced lawyers at The Jaffe Law Firm may be the best weapon in the victim’s arsenal. With their decades of personal injury law experience, they will exert their best efforts by piecing together the whole puzzle regarding the accident’s cause and effect in order to exact due compensation for bicycle accident victims and their families.