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New Mexico motorcyclists rally against mandatory helmet law

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2015 | Uncategorized |

Many motorcyclists in New Mexico do not agree with a law that requires them to wear a helmet while riding New Mexico roads. More than 500 motorcyclists took to the road to protest a proposed law as soon a state legislator’s proposal requiring all motorcyclists to wear helmets was made public. The proposal also includes a hefty fine for non-compliance.

Motorcyclists flooded the roads to protest the bill and stated disagreement with legislation. Motorcyclists are not only protesting Senate Bill 327, which says wearing a helmet is mandatory, but they also strongly disagree with Senate Bill 308, which says anyone who does not wear helmet must pay nearly $700 for an annual registration sticker which will exempt riders from wearing helmets.

A lawmaker who sponsored these two bills said that 17 people died last year due to motorcycle crashes and only one motorcyclist was wearing a helmet. He also said that the catastrophic injuries from motorcycle crashes cost taxpayers thousands of dollars each year. If motorcyclists choose not to wear helmets, then bearing a portion of the high costs for treatment of the usual resultant brain or spinal cord injuries incurred by motorcycle accident victims should not seem unreasonable.

Motorcyclists countered by saying it is unfair because they suffer the injuries and die on the roads and believe that wearing a helmet does not make riding any safer. They added that New Mexico lawmakers should concentrate on making rules stricter for drunk drivers and distracted drivers.

If a victim of a motorcycle accident believes that injury and damage occurred due to someone else’s wrongful act on the road, fair compensation for those damages may be owed. A discussion with a legal professional may be indicated to receive adequate compensation for any pain and suffering.

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