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Fleeing driver causes fatal accident in Albuquerque

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2015 | Uncategorized |

Police in Bernalillo County respond to a lot of motor vehicle accident cases each month. Many of these accidents happen due to drunk driving. Accidents can lead to injuries and even death, and can also result in huge medical expenses for the accident victims.

Albuquerque police recently arrested a man who hit a family’s SUV with his car while fleeing from the police. The driver of the SUV was killed at the scene, and the other three passengers were seriously injured. The arrested driver had been pulled over for speeding and drove off as an officer approached his vehicle. While trying to escape the police he slammed his vehicle into the SUV.

According to police, the driver then tried to run away from the scene of the car accident but was eventually overpowered by law enforcement. He now faces four charges including driving under the influence of alcohol and killing someone with a vehicle. Interestingly, he was found to be a repeat offender who had been previously arrested for hitting his girlfriend.

First time DUI offenders in New Mexico may have to serve a prison term of 90 days and pay a fine of $500. Their driver’s license may be suspended for one year. The convicted individual can be ordered attend DWI school and participate in a drivers’ rehabilitation program for alcohol or drugs. Some offenders may also have to install an ignition interlock device in the vehicles they drive.

Victims of drunk drivers have rights in the civil justice system. They can bring a lawsuit against the drunk driver and seek compensation for injuries, lost wages and medical expenses.

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