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Elderly woman faces serious charges after crash with bicyclist

On Behalf of | May 29, 2015 | Uncategorized |

Bicycle accidents have the potential to seriously injure or kill a victim. In many cases, a bicyclist hit by a larger vehicle can suffer life-changing impairment or disability. Often medical attention is needed for years to come. This ongoing treatment can result in exorbitant medical bills due to long-term rehabilitation and necessary surgeries and medical procedures. Often, severely injured victims and their families consult personal injury attorneys for assistance in compelling the responsible party to pay damages for the injury suffered.

An 85-year-old woman from Pinos Altos, New Mexico, was recently charged by local police after she allegedly hit a cyclist in Silver City and then tried to leave the scene of the accident. The accident occurred at about 2 p.m. on Highway 15, also known as Pinos Altos Road. Police say the driver crashed her SUV into a 47-year-old Silver City orthopedic surgeon, dragging his bicycle under her vehicle. She then allegedly tried to flee the scene. This bicycle accident led to serious injuries for the cyclist, who was rushed to a nearby hospital and was reportedly in critical condition. The bicyclist was wearing a helmet but it shattered in the impact.

The SUV driver was charged with reckless driving and hit and run infractions. Eyewitnesses said a motorcyclist pulled in front of the woman’s vehicle to prevent it from leaving the scene. Another motorcyclist pointed a gun at the woman and ordered her to get out of her vehicle. Soon after, police arrived at the scene and arrested the driver. Bail was set at $6,000 and was paid the same day.

The driver said she has macular degeneration, a medical condition that impairs night vision, although she allegedly admitted she sees much better in daytime.

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