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What are the various risks with a forceps delivery?

On Behalf of | May 13, 2015 | Uncategorized |

A forceps delivery is a common form of childbirth delivery that is used by medical practitioners in New Mexico and other parts of the country. In a forceps delivery, forceps, which resemble tongs, are placed around the infant’s head in order to assist with a vaginal delivery. Sometimes, the medical practitioner might insist on a forceps delivery during the second stage of delivery.

A forceps delivery can, however, be dangerous to the newborn baby and it has been known to cause birth injuries. The mother may also suffer side effects because of the forceps delivery, including soreness in the perineum, wounds and tears and short- or long-term urinary problems.

Additionally, severe blood loss can cause anemia in many new mothers. Muscles often become weak due to an improper forceps delivery. In some cases where an episiotomy is also performed during the forceps delivery, the risks involved can be multiplied. Some common problems with such procedures are infection and excessive bleeding after the delivery.

The newborn is also at risk if the forceps delivery is not performed correctly. During a forceps delivery, many infants suffer injuries to their faces due to the position of the forceps. Furthermore, the baby can also suffer from facial palsy, eye injuries, fractures, seizures and internal bleeding. In extreme cases, such birth injuries during a forceps delivery can even lead to the infant’s death. Parents who have had a similar experience sometimes decide to seek legal advice to initiate a medical malpractice lawsuit against their medical practitioners. The compensation that they obtain may help with medical expenses.

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