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June 2015 Archives

Negligent motorists are a threat to New Mexico motorcyclists

As more and more New Mexico residents travel by motorcycle, the risk of motorcycle accidents is likely to increase. Motorcycle accidents can be extremely traumatic for the victim as well as his or her family and loved ones since motorcycle riders often suffer serious injuries including head injuries and fractures. In some cases, a motorcycle accident can be fatal. Even the most experienced motorcycle rider cannot prevent the negligence of another driver.

Bedsores are often a sign of nursing home neglect

Nursing home neglect often leads to bedsores for patients who are bedridden. It is extremely important for a patient to get up and move around whenever possible. If that is not possible it is the responsibility of the health care provider to make sure the patient does not develop bedsores. The Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project has reported that the number of bedsores reported in nursing homes has increased by 63 percent in the last decade even though the number of hospitalizations has not increased proportionately.

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