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Attorney General sues New Mexico nursing home

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2015 | Uncategorized |

Residents of Bernalillo, New Mexico, who have been sick and had to undergo a prolonged treatment, may have been taken to nursing homes for their rehabilitation and recuperation. Nursing homes are thought to be a haven for people who need to recuperate. However, in some cases, it is determined that the nursing home staff is negligent and abusive to the patients. Many families have complained that their loved ones have suffered severe injuries or worse due to the negligence and abuse of a nursing home staff.

The Attorney General of New Mexico has sued several nursing homes, including Bloomfield Nursing Operations L.L.C., for nursing home neglect and abuse. The lawsuit also claims that the nursing home is heavily understaffed and has failed to provide satisfactory care to the residents of the nursing home.

Additionally, the lawsuit also states that the nursing home submitted falsified records and documents in order to bill the government. The nursing home’s attorneys have, as expected, retaliated, denying all claims that were made by the office of the Attorney General. It was also reported that the office of the Attorney General was compelled to initiate the lawsuit against the nursing home based of numerous complaints that several nursing home residents and their family members have made.

In many cases, the resident’s family members did not even have personal knowledge of the abuse since the nursing home residents are afraid of the abusive staff. However, complaining to the authorities often allows the person to receive due justice.

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