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A look at federal trucking regulations

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2015 | Uncategorized |

New Mexico residents may not be aware of what are known as federal trucking regulations. All truck drivers are expected to abide by these regulations. These regulations become important for anyone who has been in an accident with a truck driver, as a truck driver may have violated one of these regulations. A truck driver who has violated a federal trucking regulation may be held responsible for injuries and damages.

One federal trucking regulation that often plays a part in truck accident cases is rest time. Truck drivers are required by law to get a certain amount of rest for the amount of time they spent on the road. Truck drivers must log their rest time. If they drive while heavily fatigued, they may be found guilty of negligence.

Another way a truck driver can be found guilty of negligence is if he or she is not properly licensed. A commercial drivers’ license is required for anyone operating a commercial truck. If a truck driver is not properly licensed and an accident ensures, victims and their loved ones may choose to take legal action against the trucker or the trucking company.

Most often, in truck accident cases, victims choose to pursue legal action against a trucker or trucking company. However, they may also choose to file a claim against a manufacturer or supplier. If a defect in a component of the truck caused the accident, then this may be the most logical step. If the truck was improperly repaired, then the repairer may be held responsible.

Attorneys are available to help victims and their loved ones pursue compensation following any type of car crash. Because whether a manufacturer or a driver was at fault, victims should not have to suffer with the many financial burdens that result from such an accident.

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