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New Mexico hit and run accident victim making recovery

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2015 | Uncategorized |

Following a car accident, the drivers involved are expected to remain on the scene until the authorities arrive and all necessary insurance information is exchanged. However, some drivers choose not to do this. Some drivers flee the scene because they are afraid of facing charges. Doing so is essentially an admission of guilt. For victims of such hit and run car accidents, it can be very frustrating to suffer injuries and not have the suspect brought to justice.

According to reports, one brave New Mexico teen is making a remarkable recovery following a hit and run accident. The teen was attending a basketball game when the accident occurred. He left to go get food and was hit by a car. Unfortunately, the driver fled the scene. At the time of the writing of this article, no suspect has been arrested.

The teen’s injuries were serious. Doctors thought that he made have needed to have his leg amputated. Thankfully, after extensive surgery, doctors were able to save his leg. But they still feared that the teen would suffer permanent complications as a result of the injury. After months of physical therapy, the teen no longer requires a wheelchair and even ran in a marathon.

Recovering from injuries can be a long, grueling process. During this time, it can be especially trying when victims are forced to suffer with not only injuries, but immense financial burdens as well. If the negligent driver flees the scene, it become all the more complicated because there is no one to take legal action against. However, a suspect is sometimes later caught and brought to justice. In these cases, victims can often pursue the compensation they deserve.

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