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Options following an accident with a truck in New Mexico

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2016 | Uncategorized |

All car accidents have the potential to be devastating. However, there are certain types that can be more deadly than others. Truck accidents are among the more dangerous and deadly types of accidents. Commercial trucks can weigh thousands of pounds, which results in a very deadly force when travelling at high speeds. New Mexico residents who have suffered the trauma of an accident with a truck may be wondering just what their options are.

There are a number of options available to victims and their families following a truck accident. Before pursuing any option, it is important to establish what kind of vehicle was involved. More specifically, it should be established whether or not a commercial vehicle was involved. Commercial vehicles can include delivery vehicles, tanker trucks, eighteen-wheeler tractor trailers, large freight trucks and the like. In some cases, companies may use standard pickup trucks as well.

If a commercial vehicle was involved, a number of options open up. For instance, victims and their families may choose to pursue legal action against a trucking company, in certain cases. If an employment relationship between the company and the driver can be proven, the trucking company may be found liable.

Car accidents, especially those involving trucks, can have many life-altering effects. A person may have to miss work, losing the wages he or she relies on to live and support themselves. Thankfully, compensation for lost wages may be included in a lawsuit. If earning capacity was damaged, this may also be part of the compensation. Medical expenses can be burdensome as well, and may be covered by an award of damages, if any. Understanding all the options available can be confusing, but thankfully attorneys are available to potentially assist victims and their families with this process.

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