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Two taken to hospital after hit and run in New Mexico

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2016 | Uncategorized |

Car accidents can provoke a wide range of emotions. Everyone reacts differently, and for some, a car accident can be one of the most emotionally trying events a person can go through. Sometimes, a victim may feel confused and bewildered, uncertain as to how such an accident could have occurred. Other times, a victim may feel enraged, angry at the reckless actions of another driver. All of these emotions may be justified, especially when the accident could have been prevented had the other driver taken the necessary precautions.

One of the most upsetting types of car accidents is the hit and run. According to reports, a recent accident in New Mexico involved a driver who left the scene of an accident. Reports say that two pedestrians were taken to the hospital after the accident occurred. The two people, a man and a woman, were walking across a street when they were hit by a car. The car then fled.

Authorities then began searching for the driver. They had little information from witness reports to go off of, but the police are aware that the car was a sedan. The woman hit was said to be in critical condition, while the man’s condition was considered stable, though he also suffered injuries.

Car accident injuries can be life altering. This is especially true when one of the accident victims was a pedestrian, as pedestrians are not protected by the safety features of a car and are left completely vulnerable. When a car accident involves a negligent driver, victims may have rights. They may choose to pursue legal action against the negligent driver in order to obtain monetary compensation that they can choose to use to cover the many expenses associated with accidents.

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