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March 2016 Archives

A look at pedestrian accidents in New Mexico

Many New Mexico residents who pay attention to the news may become aware of the frequency in which car accidents occur. Sometimes it can seem like every day there is a serious accident reported. Some of these accidents involve two motor vehicles of similar make and model. Others involve great size disparities, as is the case in many truck accident cases. Sometimes, too, accidents involve a motor vehicle and a pedestrian, in which case the pedestrian is put in great danger.

Auto accident kills driver and severely injures passenger

Drivers in New Mexico might adhere to the rules of the road and operate their vehicles as safely as possible, but in certain instances even that cannot provide protection from a car accident. These crashes can lead to severe injuries and fatalities. When there is an automobile accident, those who were involved and, in cases of a fatality, the family left behind may need to know what must be done to pursue compensation through a legal case.

Birth injuries can be caused by medical malpractice

The birth of a child is supposed to be a joyous time for parents in New Mexico, but the sad reality is that birth injuries are all too common. In fact, many soon-to-be parents in the state would probably shudder if they took a look at some of the statistics that show just how common many different types of birth injuries are. But, who is responsible for a birth injury?

Proving the five elements of negligence in car accidents

Many New Mexico residents who have been involved in car accidents experience a variety of emotions. Sometimes, a car accident victim might feel bewildered, unable to comprehend what happened to him or her. Other times, car accident victims might feel enraged at the negligent driver who caused an accident to occur. Victims often understandably desire to bring a negligent driver to justice. Thankfully, there are ways of going about this.

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