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April 2016 Archives

New Mexico is second deadliest state for bicyclists

This blog recently discussed protections for victims of bicycle accidents. New Mexico is the second deadliest state for bicyclists. One of the reasons that it is so dangerous for bicyclists in New Mexico is a lack of designated bike lanes, among other reasons. According to a recent report from New Mexico Department of Health, the number of bicyclist deaths in New Mexico, per capita, is second to only one other state and is 50 percent higher than the rate of bicyclist deaths in the United states for the same period from 2010 to 2012.

NM bicycle accident resulting in injury may be compensable

There are many obvious reasons that bicyclists prefer to travel the road on two wheels rather than four. Bicycles cost little or nothing to park, are a way to exercise and offer a way to alleviate passenger vehicle emissions into the environment. Whatever the reason bicyclists choose to ride, they are entitled to operate their bicycles in a safe space without incident. However, some bicyclists are not so lucky when they come in contact with a motor vehicle.

New Mexico crash results in 4 deaths, 1 injury

Losing a loved one in a car accident is something no New Mexico resident should have to suffer. Unfortunately, it is a reality that some may have to face someday. If such a tragedy occurs, many may feel lost, unable to make sense of what happened. They may also face uncertainties regarding how to proceed. In cases where legal action may be warranted, attorneys are available to guide victims and their loved ones through every step of the legal process.

Who can be sued for birth injury and medical malpractice?

New Mexico residents go to healthcare facilities for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, they may visit a hospital to get themselves checked out by a doctor after falling ill. Other times, they may visit a health care facility after going into labor in order to give birth. In both cases, patients usually expect to be handled with the utmost care. However, the unfortunate reality is that sometimes doctors act negligently, resulting in a patient suffering a worsened condition or a birth injury occurring. When this happens, victims may want to know who may be held liable.

Common questions regarding car accident liability

Many New Mexico residents rely on motor vehicles to get to and from work or school. These drives can begin to feel routine and the thought of a car accident occurring may be far from their minds. When a car accident does happen, many may feel flustered and have difficulty processing the events that just occurred. It may become difficult to know what actions to take and many questions may arise following the car accident.

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