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Albuquerque man suffers fatal bike accident, driver charged

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2016 | Uncategorized |

The night that an Albuquerque man was struck and killed on his bicycle started just like any other. It was a suitable night for a bike ride, so he did just that, snapping a few photos of his bike and the skyline view, before sharing them on social media. What the man never could have guessed was that it would be his last bike ride. Tragically, he was struck and killed by a motor vehicle on his ride through the city that evening.

According to reports, the woman accused of vehicular homicide in the man’s bicycle accident death was traveling northbound on Broadway where she then struck the man bicycling west on Central. At the scene, the woman was immediately suspected of DUI by police and this was confirmed when she told police she had taken Vicodin and had ingested one beer and a shot of liquor earlier in the evening. She claims to never have seen the bicyclist and was not aware anything was amiss until she “felt a thud and her car would not go any more.”

The man did succumb at the scene to his injuries. According to friends, the man always had a smile on his face. Co-workers describe how he was a fan of the Chicago Cubs and how they would talk about their children to pass the time. Sadly, this man’s life was cut short when an allegedly intoxicated driver did not see him and ran him over with her vehicle. The family is now dealing with how the bicyclist’s death will affect them, both immediately, and in the years to come.

While this man’s death is obviously a great tragedy, it may not always be clear for the family what steps to take next. Sadly, nothing will bring the loved one back, but there may be ways for the family to receive compensation from the party who directly caused the injuries. There is a clear suspect in this case, and based on the evidence, it is likely that the woman will stand charges for her role in the bicyclist’s death. This could make a personal injury case more likely to succeed.

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