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Man apprehended by Albuquerque police after fatal hit-and-run

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2016 | Uncategorized |

Sad news broke shortly before the holiday weekend when it was reported that a pedestrian was killed after a car accident with a dark-colored SUV. Even worse, the driver suspected of striking the man fled the scene of the accident.

The driver was a wanted man by Albuquerque police for what information he could provide about the accident and the victim’s sudden death. But, there is a bit of good news for the family of the deceased: the driver turned himself into authorities a few days after the accident.

Due to the hit and run nature of the car accident, Albuquerque police began a full accident investigation to determine what exactly caused the man’s death that night. The person of interest ditched his vehicle near the accident scene after the crash.

Unfortunately, the driver has a previous criminal history, and due to the nature of the car accident, and the fact that the accused fled the scene of the accident, the judge announced bail in the amount of $65,000. This was posted by the man who has officially been charged with leaving the scene of an accident involving death.

As the situation develops, it is very possible that additional charges could be filed in connection with the pedestrian’s death. It is unclear at this time what the man was doing in the road or the speed at which the man accused of involvement was traveling at the time of the accident. Since the accused left the scene, it may be difficult to discern if drugs or alcohol were a factor in the man’s death. Regardless, the family of the man who lost his life will certainly be looking into any way to make sense of this terrible and tragic event.

It is clear that the accused is a person of interest in the pedestrian’s death. The facts like his vehicle, him leaving the scene and eyewitness accounts, make that clear. How this man’s involvement directly affected the pedestrian’s sudden death is unclear at this time. A full investigation into the Albuquerque man’s death will help to unravel the mystery.

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