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Intoxication a factor in fatal car crash, says Albuquerque police

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2016 | Uncategorized |

While most drivers get behind the wheel with the best intentions, sometimes something can go wrong that causes a car crash. A recent crash in Albuquerque does not fit that description because one of the drivers is under suspicion of DUI after his involvement in the fatal car crash. Accidents caused by, or related to, drunk driving or intoxicated driving are often entirely preventable.

Because of this, most of the fault usually lands on the driver suspected of DUI. In this particular crash, the accused ran a red light in his pick-up and then crashed into the side of a sedan carrying one driver and two passengers; one just a child. The driver of the sedan had to be cut out of his vehicle and rushed to a nearby hospital where he later died. After the crash, police discovered that intoxication was likely a factor in causing the accident. Officers observed the pick-up truck driver’s odd behavior, slurred speech and his attempts to escape from an officer’s custody. Albuquerque police also noted that speed was a contributing factor in the fatal car crash.

The man was ultimately taken into custody and charges against him are pending for his involvement in the crash. The family on the deceased driver likely has many questions at this time, most poignantly is the question of what exactly caused their loved one’s death? A full investigation by Albuquerque police and others will help to determine the answer to that question. Criminal and civil charges may be filed in accordance with this case.

While police suspect DUI and speed to be a factor, more details are likely to be revealed. The information can be helpful in securing compensation for the surviving family of the deceased victim. Also, a guilty verdict in a criminal case can have an effect on a pending civil suit. Knowing how to utilize the evidence gathered in the case can help to build leverage in favor of the victim and their family.

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