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Rights that all New Mexico nursing home residents have

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2016 | Uncategorized |

As loved one’s get older, many families find that it is in everyone’s best interests to relocate an elderly loved one to a nursing home. Nursing homes can be a good choice because they can provide medical care and any other special attention that an elderly person may need. However, accidents or even malicious acts have been discovered at New Mexico nursing homes, and these acts have harmed nursing home residents.

This is why it is so important for nursing home residents and concerned loved ones to know their rights. For example, a nursing home resident has the right to choose their own physician. They also have the right to be fully informed about their medical care, both before and after treatment. Essentially, nursing home residents have just as many rights as do non-nursing home residents, especially when it comes to their medical care.

There have been, and there will be, incidences where nursing home residents’ rights are ignored. This is a serious problem and could lead to serious injury or financial ruin if treatment was not approved by the resident or their respective guardian. Because an elderly person’s health can be much frailer in comparison to younger people, the loss of rights related to medical care can be an issue that results in a life-changing or fatal injury. If an injury to a nursing home resident is related to a loss of rights, the resident or their family may want to look into filing a nursing home neglect cause of action.

All nursing home staff must adhere to a standard of care when dealing with resident. When a nursing home employee fails to maintain that level of care, state and federal laws can aid the resident in seeking compensation.

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