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Compensation may be available for victims’ medical expenses

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2016 | Uncategorized |

Top notch medical care is an important component in the healing process, and this is especially true when a person has been injured in a serious car accident. Injuries sustained in a car accident can range from whiplash to head injuries to even spinal cord injuries, all of which can be very serious. Prompt medical care and a rehabilitation program are essential for the injured person to regain their health. However, this medical care does not come cheap.

With medical costs and insurance deductibles on the rise, many New Mexico families wonder how they will afford this type of medical care after a serious car accident. If the injured person or their family has even the smallest suspicion that the crash was the result of a negligent driver, they should explore this suspicion. Why? Because medical expenses and related costs can be attributed to a negligent driver, if the negligence is proven in court. There are a few steps that need to be taken to achieve this outcome after suffering an injury in a car accident.

The piece of evidence that proves a driver was negligent at the time of a car accident varies from victim to victim. However, it could be a few things like a BAC taken by police, witness testimony or some other shred of evidence that proves the other driver was negligent at the time of the crash and failed to exercise a duty of care expected of all drivers. At The Jaffe Law Firm, we know what to look for when it comes to finding proof of negligent behavior. Car accident injuries can be life-changing and, because of this, we do everything in our power to ensure a favorable outcome for our clients.

Most families whose loved ones have suffered car accident injuries have many questions during this time. Questions about medical expenses, lost wages and related-expenses after a car accident can all be answered. It depends what the family chooses to do after such an unexpected incident. There are ways to right the wrongs that innocent drivers and passengers suffer after an accident.