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Motorcyclist unjustly injured by distracted driver can recover

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2016 | Uncategorized |

Motorcyclists can get a bad reputation. Some people wrongly believe that New Mexico motorcyclists are reckless and unsafe, due to the unfair stigma surrounding motorcyclists and motorcycle accidents. The reality is that most motorcyclists operate their bike in a safe and responsible manner and drive with every caution and courtesy available to them. Motorcyclists are often involved in accidents with motor-vehicles due to motor-vehicle driver error.

These scenarios can be devastating for the motorcyclist. Injuries motorcyclists have sustained when colliding with a motor-vehicle can cause them to have short and long-term health issues. If traveling at moderate to fast speeds, this can leave a motorcyclist largely unprotected and susceptible to serious injury or even fatality due to the collision.

Sometimes a motorcyclist will swerve to avoid a collision with a vehicle. This can cause the motorcyclist to lose control and the outcome can be very serious for the motorcyclist and their family.

As people can see, these type of crashes are not usually attributed to the motorcyclist alone. Oftentimes, distracted drivers, although not malicious in intent, are careless and their careless actions cause these motorcycle accidents. Sometimes the driver of the motor-vehicle is unscathed; only the motorcyclist suffers serious injury. These behaviors are not acceptable, are often deemed unlawful and thus a case seeking damages against a negligent driver is appropriate.

By taking legal action, motorcyclists injured by distracted drivers may be entitled to compensation. This compensation can help them recover from the accident without placing extra burden on the injured. Our law firm can help people in this situation understand and enforce their legal rights.